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Meritor Wabco Vehicle Control Systems’ new air disc brakes

Air disc brakes
Meritor Wabco Vehicle Control Systems, the joint venture between ArvinMeritor and Wabco, has expanded its commercial vehicle brake products portfolio with the addition of air disc brakes from both partner companies. The joint venture becomes the exclusive North American source of Wabco’s new-generation, lightweight single-piston air disc brake. The companies say the brake’s technology offers end-users increased payload potential, easier maintenance and reduced operating costs for a broad range of heavy-duty vehicles. In addition, Meritor Wabco will offer the Meritor brand EX225 air disc brake family, designed for severe service conditions.

Wabco says its new-generation air disc brake retains the reliability of the patented, compact, single-piston technology incorporated in Wabco’s PAN range. PAN brake features such as increased pad thickness, optimized pad utilization and service friendliness have been incorporated in the brakes. The PAN range will continue to be offered for 17- and 19-inch wheels; the key differentiating feature of the brake, according to Wabco, is its new caliper with pad offset, in combination with the unique single piston clamping unit and anti-taper wear mechanism. The braking action on the caliper allows the brake pad on the rim side to be retained and supported by the caliper; the rim side brake carrier can be eliminated, creating a distinct weight reduction as well as improved pressure distribution of the rim-side pad, the company says. In addition, disc heat cracking resistance is optimized, according to Wabco.

The Meritor EX225 air disc brake features high torque capability and superior pad volume and swept area, the company says, with the guided twin piston design and double sealing offering high reliability and improved brake pad life. Customer benefits, according to Meritor, include:

  • Increased payload potential due to lighter brake weight;
  • Compact design that fits all current wheel profiles;
  • Easy installation and minimal service requirements;
  • Superior operational safety; and
  • PAN brake serviceability, reliability and safety.

Meritor Wabco

Reefer unit
Thermo King says its new MD-100 refrigeration unit for trucks offers increased reliability and performance to further reduce fuel and maintenance costs. The MD-100 utilizes the TK 370 three-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engine designed to optimize both power and fuel-savings performance. The unit also features the Smart Reefer Controller, a microprocessor with a simplified keypad designed to make it easy for operators to maintain ideal conditions and monitor system performance, thereby increasing load protection while reducing fuel consumption and unit downtime. The Smart Reefer also includes a TherMax system designed to provide faster defrost and superior heating capacity, and two belt-driven dual evaporator fans engineered to deliver superior airflow, faster box temperature pull-downs, minimal temperature fluctuations and virtual elimination of hot spots and short cycling, according to the company. Thermo King’s exclusive Cycle-Sentry technology is designed to stop the unit’s engine when refrigeration is not needed and restart it when necessary, to increase component life and provide additional fuel savings of up to 85 percent. The MD-100 also comes with the company’s EMI-2000 filter and fluids package to facilitate extended maintenance intervals.
Thermo King

Heavy-duty power rack
The Hunter RKHD Heavy-Duty Power Rack now includes longer approach ramps and a redesigned rub rail system designed to create more clearance to easily accommodate lower and longer vehicles. The standard RKHD configuration is 24 inches in height and includes a turnplate section, four runway sections and a pop-up ramp per side; additional runway sections can be added for unlimited wheelbase capacity, and the RKHD also can be installed in shallow-pit configurations of 24- or 30-inch depths. The truss design provides a 20,000-lb.-per-axle capacity; each leg of the RKHD bolts directly to the bay floor for maximum strength and can be adjusted for level accuracy. The turnplate sections are recessed to accept optional turnplates and include adjustable front wheel stops to facilitate clearance during service operations.
Hunter Engineering Co.

One tough radio
ASA’s latest addition to its heavy-duty audio product lineup, the Jensen JHD1000 Heavy Duty AM/FM Weatherband Stereo, is designed with a full 7-channel NOAA Weatherband tuner in addition to AM/FM radio capability. The JHD1000 features a built-in alarm clock, a 4-channel 120-watt power amplifier, selectable green or amber backlighting, and single-button up/down tuning with seek. The front panel also offers an “aux-in” jack that permits the user to listen to personal music from an iPod, an MP3 player, a portable CD player or any other technology by using the radio’s amplifier and speaker system.
ASA Electronics

Safety gate
Rite-Hite Aftermarket Corp.’s Safety Gate EX3 System is designed to provide easy access to plant work areas and storage areas, and also can be used at loading docks. Constructed from extruded polyvinylchloride, the safety gate has a counterbalance system to help keep it in raised vertical position or in closed horizontal position. The EX3 System – available for openings from 5 to 10 feet wide – includes two 43-inch-high 5-inch-diameter steel posts, two 7-inch-high, 3-inch-wide PVC rails with safety striping, and anchoring hardware. The rails provide a high-visibility barrier and can absorb 200 pounds of force from any direction from material handling equipment, Rite-Hite says.
Rite-Hite Aftermarket Corp.

Tire-changing help
The WS-05 Mobile Wheel Work Station from Tire Service Equipment Manufacturing Co. is designed to be used when changing commercial truck tires. The work station supports the weight of the air wrench with a gas strut-assisted boom, helping to eliminate potential back problems for the operator and reduce damage done by dropping the air wrench on the ground. Once connected to an air supply, the WS-05 – which has storage capabilities for tire irons, tools and a 20-ton bottle jack – can be moved easily to the truck to remove any tire and wheel. The work station also has an air regulator and a high-pressure air line so a user can change tires using the air gun and, at the same time, use the high-pressure line for lifting a trailer, operating a jack or inflating a tire.
Tire Service Equipment Manufacturing Co.

Hazmat driver training
J. J. Keller & Associates recently introduced “Hazmat Drivers: Training for Safe Transport,” a training program designed to help transport companies comply with the hazardous materials general awareness training requirements under 49 CFR Section 172.704. The program is anchored by a closed-caption video that covers important compliance topics, including hazmat classification, the Hazardous Materials Table, packing groups, shipping papers, labels, placards, loading, unloading and segregation, driving and parking rules, emergency response information, transportation safety and security, and more. The video features graphics to help keep drivers’ attention and a quiz that reinforces key information. The program also features a hazmat driver training packet that includes a driver handbook, a label chart, a hazmat placard chart, a load and segregation chart, and a hazmat marking chart. One packet is included with the program; additional packets are available separately.
J.J. Keller & Associates

Electric forklift trucks
Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks has introduced its FB16NT-FB20NT series of AC-powered three-wheel electric forklift trucks. The N-Generation forklifts feature increased range of maneuverability, an advanced Integrated Presence System and extended service intervals, according to the company. Offering three models with capacities ranging from 3,000 to 4,500 pounds, the trucks are engineered to withstand the most challenging applications. The N-Generation offers a control system with modifiable performance settings controlling top travel speed, lifting speed, regenerative braking and autoregenerative braking; torque and speed are controlled separately. The three-wheel design and hydrostatic steering are engineered to provide increased maneuverability, allowing operators to navigate areas with tight aisle spacing. Mitsubishi Forklift says the AC drive system implements the latest in heat dissipation technology, assuring maximum performance while reducing battery consumption.
Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks

Listen to your truck
Tracer Products has introduced the Tracerline Marksman ultrasonic diagnostic tool, an instrument designed to convert and amplify inaudible ultrasonic sound into audible “natural” sound. Tracer says the tool allows service technicians to hear sounds that might signify problems, such as leaks – including air brake, vacuum, EVAP system, exhaust, refrigerant and passenger compartment – and gear and bearing wear, allowing technicians to repair them long before they become breakdowns. The TP-9370 Marksman Master Kit comes with a receiver, full-sized headphones, two anodized probes and an ultrasonic emitter that allows technicians to test for faulty seals, gaskets and weather stripping in passenger compartments, trailer bodies and other unpressurized enclosures.
Tracer Products

Smarter than the average hose
The Smart-Hose Safety System is a hose assembly designed to shut off flow automatically in both directions the instant a hose failure takes place. The system connects a coated cable within the hose bore to the valve plungers, wedges or flappers at hose end points; acting as a compression spring, the cable will hold valves open when conditions are normal. According to the company, the instant that thrust is eliminated because of coupling ejection, hose stretching or hose separation, both valves seat themselves, stopping all flow in either direction.
Smart-Hose Technologies