Prophesy teams with Maptuit for EasyStreet

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Prophesy Transportation Solutions, a provider of software solutions for the trucking industry, has announced its next-generation mileage product, Prophesy EasyStreet, designed in collaboration with Maptuit Corp. The new system is designed to offer trucking companies the nation’s most sophisticated commercial street level routing and directions, instead of just city to city. EasyStreet offers optimized routing, on-demand directions, truck restrictions, toll avoidance, advanced urban routing, door-to-door directions and advanced geocoding.

“Prophesy EasyStreet goes way beyond earlier generations of our industry-acclaimed mileage and routing offerings,” says Edward J. Forman, president of Bloomfield, Conn.-based Prophesy. “EasyStreet offers a dynamic online component which is updated in real time to account for any permanent changes to the U.S. road network, and even short-term alternative routings caused by natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and the recent flooding in the Northeast.”

Prophesy says it selected Maptuit based on the high quality of commercial route detail for virtually all city streets in the United States. Key strategic differentiators of the EasyStreets database include minimization of turns, favor of left turns over right turns for safety, data for 53-foot trailers, height and weight restrictions, more than 16,000 toll roads and a community of 70,000 drivers who regularly provide feedback and notifications on road conditions, allowing updates to the online database to reflect current conditions in near-real time.

“We are proud to have partnered with Prophesy, a leader in its space, and jointly collaborate to bring a high-end product that guarantees real value and that is a real solution to many trucking companies” says Jeff Papows, chief executive officer of Burlington, Mass.-based Maptuit. “Technology has become increasingly accepted by carriers of all sizes, and it helps trucking companies and drivers become more efficient, ensuring operators get to their final destination faster, safer and with greater detail than ever before.”