Walker Mega-Flow Noisebraker mufflers keeps things quiet

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The Walker Mega-Flow NoiseBraker muffler, manufactured and marketed by Tenneco, is designed to provide a direct retrofit for Class 7 and 8 vehicles, capable of reducing backpressure and quieting the engine brake to legal limits. Featuring a straight-through, ultra-high flow design to reduce engine backpressure by as much as 60 percent, the NoiseBraker improves engine efficiency as compared to traditional heavy-duty muffler designs, the company says.

Available for single- and dual-exhaust applications, the NoiseBraker is 2 to 4 decibels quieter than the industry’s best OE mufflers under engine brake-induced deceleration, according to Walker; the muffler uses fiberglass roving technology and dual concentric Helmhotz tuners to quiet engine brake noise without affecting brake performance.

Engineered for durability and longer life, the NoiseBraker also features re-metallized welds designed to provide greater corrosion resistance. For more information, go to www.walkerheavyduty.com.