Catalyst designed to lower emissions, improve fuel economy

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Clean Diesel Technologies says its fuel-borne catalyst, Platinum Plus, improves fuel economy for engines both old and new by up to 10 percent, while reducing particulate emissions by up to 25 percent. When used with a diesel oxidation catalyst, particulate emissions can be reduced by 30 to 50 percent, the company says.

According to CDT, use of Platinum Plus catalytically enhances combustion in the cylinder, burning fuel more completely, significantly reducing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, and improving fuel economy. The fuel-borne catalyst is soluble and stable in all diesel fuels used by on-road, off-road (marine and stationary) vehicles and equipment, the company says; it requires no special mixing or freeze protection, and is effective with high-, low- and ultra-low-sulfur diesel distillates, biodiesel and biodiesel/petroleum diesel blends. It is safe for all mobile, marine, locomotive and power-generation diesel engines, CDT says.

Platinum Plus has been shown to improve the performance of diesel oxidation catalysts, flow-thru filters and particulate traps, and is verified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency through its Environmental Technology Verification program for use with DOCs or wire mesh filters, according to the company. Based on recent test results from an internationally recognized laboratory, Platinum Plus has been shown to provide the lowest balance point temperature (the temperature at which the rate of soot oxidation is equal to the rate of soot generation, minimizing back-pressure buildup) of all passive diesel particulate filter systems.

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