Mobile Awareness to supply Occupational Athletics products

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Mobile Awareness, a provider of transportation safety products, has announced an agreement to supply products from Occupational Athletics Health and Safety Systems. Based in Harrisburg, Pa., Occupational Athletics develops human maintenance systems designed for transportation professionals to steer their way to a healthier lifestyle and increased safety, on and off the road; the systems are driven by the idea that everyone can be athletes in life.

“The systems are all about enhancing the well-being of individuals and employees that spend a great deal of time driving a motor vehicle,” says Gary Rothstein, president of Cleveland-based Mobile Awareness. “Their proactive focus on prevention and wellness is a revolutionary approach to reducing employee injuries, illnesses and vehicle accidents in the transportation industry.”

The Road and Bus Athlete Interactive Health and Safety Systems consist of Gamebooks with daily health and safety tips, goals and “motor”vators, and include two CDs with a roundtable discussion of health and safety issues, stretch card, quarterly survey cards and nutrition guide in the back; optional training materials and implementation/incentive ideas also are available. Both the Road and Bus Athlete Systems are designed to help drivers make lifestyle changes and prevent absenteeism and driver turnover, leading to improvements in driver morale and company productivity.

“Our customers are looking for ways to reduce expenditures, boost driver retention and manage continuously increasing health care costs,” Rothstein says. “Occupational Athletics gives us a practical and affordable solution our customers can utilize to run a truly successful safety and wellness program.”

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