Cartridge boosts performance of Haldex air dryers

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Haldex says that its Multi-Treatment Cartridge Plus (MTC+) soon will be available as standard on Haldex DRYest and PURest Air Dryers. The coalescent filter on the outlet passage of the MTC+ removes 40 percent more of the fine oil and hydrocarbon particles from the air brake system than competitive air drying cartridges, Haldex says; once the air has passed through the desiccant bed of the cartridge, the coalescent filter removes the oil particles remaining in the air stream.

The MTC+ — using a five-stage process to deliver the driest, cleanest air — also is designed to remove more than 99 percent of contaminants from the air brake system. This drying capacity does not impede air flow, according to the company; by preventing oil contaminants from building up in the air system reservoir, the MTC+ ensures adequate air volume is available for air brake system components downstream of the air dryer. This reduces corrosion and freezing problems caused by inadequate air flow, Haldex says.

The MTC+ cartridge’s drying capabilities also allow it to last longer, resulting in lower life cycle cost, according to the company. There are no hard-to-remove, spin-on cartridges where seizing can become a problem; instead, a 4-bolt slide-in and -out design is designed to allow for quick replacement of the cartridge while the air dryer is still on the vehicle. The MTC+ also is engineered to fit directly in the applications of the MTC with no modifications necessary to DRYest and PURest Air Dryers already in operation.

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