Lite-Check updates Inspector software for vehicle testing

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Lite-Check has released version 7.4 of its Inspector software for its 910B automatic vehicle tester. The latest version includes the following additions and enhancements, according to the company:

  • Bendix TABS-6 ABS controller joins existing ECUs from Haldex, WABCO, Bendix and Wabash on the list of ABS systems supported by the 910B’s “One-Button ABS” fault and troubleshooting system;
  • Automated fault management for older blink-code style Wabash and WABCO ABS controllers has been enhanced;
  • Tractor ABS cab lights can be inspected directly with the addition of “cab-on” and “cab-off” broadcasts directly from the tester; and
  • ABS fault code detail, along with troubleshooting and repair instructions for ABS problems, is easier to access through the improved computer display menus.
  • The Inspector 7.4 software upgrade is available for all Lite-Check Model 910B automatic testers produced since 1997, the company says, and it can be installed easily by the end user. Testers currently running software versions prior to 7.1 may require hardware upgrades to support the functionality of version 7.4.

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