Nevada changes overdimensional permits

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The Nevada Department of Transportation has begun issuing single-trip overdimensional permits for vehicles and vehicle combinations with nonreducible loads and tridem axles up to 60,000 pounds.

Nevada’s requirements are similar to California’s and include the following elements:

  • Element 1: Authorized tridem axle group. Must be 8 to 10 feet from the first axle to the third axle in the group.
  • Element 2: Tridem bonus weight authorized on only one authorized tridem axle group. In addition to Element 1, minimum of 18 feet between any two axles of a tridem axle combination and the closest axle of any adjacent axle group.
  • Element 3: Tridem bonus weight authorized on one or two authorized tridem axle groups. In addition to Elements 1 and 2, minimum of 25 feet between the centerline of any axle of a bonus weight tridem axle combination to the centerline of any axle of another bonus weight tridem axle combination. Maximum of two bonus tridems on any vehicle combination.
  • For more information, call Jeff Richter at 775-888-7070.