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New Workhorse walk-in
Workhorse Custom Chassis has launched a new walk-in truck, the W62. The new truck – chassis by Workhorse, bodies by Morgan Olson or Utilimaster – extends the capacity of the Workhorse walk-in lineup with 19,500 lb. and 23,500 lb. GVWR models. Workhorse’s initial offering in these weight classifications will be gasoline-powered, using General Motors’ 8.1 L Vortec V8 gasoline engine mated to the five-speed Allison 1000HS (for 19,500 lb. GVWR) or Allison 2200HS (for 23,500 lb. GVWR) transmission. The big-block Vortec produces 310 horsepower and 455 lb.-ft. of torque. Workhorse says it is the only chassis manufacturer to power a gas walk-in at these GVWRs. A diesel version using International’s MaxxForce 5 V6 engine will be launched by mid-summer.

With the addition of the diesel W62 this summer, Workhorse will offer both gas and diesel choices for GVWRs ranging from 9,400 lbs. to 23,500 lbs., with wheelbases from 125 inches to 218 inches. The W62 comes with wheelbases of 157, 178, 190, 208 and 218 inches. Suitable vocations include parcel delivery, utilities, textile/uniform rental, municipalities, newspapers and mobile tool sales.

“Many businesses are looking to do more with one truck on one route or a jobsite,” says Jay Sandler, Workhorse vice president of commercial products. “So the W62 is now one of their choices.” Another choice Workhorse offers that Sandler says is unique is free 24/7 emergency roadside assistance for the duration of the warranty period.

The W62 incorporates a number of features developed for the Workhorse W42 truck, which was launched two years ago and covers GVWRs from 9,400 to 16,000 lbs. The features include Meritor Quadraulic brakes – four-wheel disc brakes with four pistons at each caliper. The braking system also includes WABCO 4-channel ABS system with full J-1939 diagnostic capability. The W62 uses 225/70 19.5-inch tires as standard, with a 245/70 19.5-inch option on steel wheels in black, gray or white. Mud/snow treads are also an option for the rear tires. The W62 also uses two-leaf parabolic springs coupled with premium gas shock absorbers, Sandler says.

The truck easily turns with ZF Servocom 8095 variable ratio power steering, Sandler says. The instrument cluster has an information center for the truck, tilt steering column and custom 151⁄2-inch steering wheel (18-inch optional), cruise control and brake/transmission/shift interlock. A remote shift gear is mounted on the dashboard, as is the ignition keyhole. “The 8.1 liter Vortec with the Allison transmission is a powerful performance package for this classification,” Sandler says. “With these kind of choices now available, we think we can better serve current walk-in users.”
Workhorse Custom Chassis

Online services for fleets
J.J. Keller & Associates recently announced the launch of two new services for fleets: Vehicle Management Online (VMO) and Log Checker Online.

Vehicle Management Online (VMO) is a secure Internet application that helps users centralize vehicle and equipment information, store electronic documents and standardize tasks that can help keep their fleet legal and running smoothly. The application’s database allows users to enter detailed unit information such as make, model, size, weight, costs and more. Based on the information provided, Vehicle Management Online identifies requirements, builds checklists of work needed for the unit to operate legally, and provides links to appropriate agencies. Vehicle Management Online also reminds users – via e-mail or a home page alert – when important work needs to be done, such as regular inspections and license plate renewals. Other features include the ability to scan and attach documents, run reports and export data to Excel.

Log Checker Online is a secure Internet application used to stay compliant with hours-of-service regulations. Users enter driver log information into the application; the data then is audited for full compliance to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations, and any violations are reported. The application also captures supporting document data that can validate HOS compliance. The application allows users to manage logs from multiple company locations, using centralized reporting. Log Checker Online is part of J.J. Keller’s Driver Management Online – the secure Internet application used to centralize and manage driver records and standardize companywide transportation safety and compliance. Driver Management Online helps users properly qualify new drivers, track accidents, handle drug and alcohol testing, and much more.

The two new services and Driver Management Online are part of J.J. Keller’s Business Services, encompassing the company’s technology solutions, consulting and advisory services, and outsource services.
J.J. Keller & Associates

Fifth-wheel grease
Shell Lubricants has introduced Shell Retinax Fifth Wheel Grease, a heavy-duty calcium grease formulated with a high level of solid additives for enhanced load carrying capability. With its high solids content and heavy base oil formula, the grease provides an effective lubricant film even under the heavy stress and constant sliding contact experienced in fifth wheels, the company says. Shell Retinax Fifth Wheel Grease is suitable for the lubrication of all fifth-wheel top plates, as it offers additional adhesive properties while remaining resistant to water. The grease also is designed to hold up to the washout and spray-off encountered during long hauls of wet highway driving, and to resist flaking. The fifth-wheel grease is available in a one-time, easy-to-use squeeze tube that facilitates quick use and the proper amount.
Shell Lubricants

Keeping trailers both cool and warm
Thermo King has introduced its Spectrum SB multi-temperature system with the SmartReefer2 (SR-2) controller for trailers. The company also presented the Heat King unit, described as the latest in freeze protection for temperature-sensitive cargo.

  • The Spectrum temperature control system is designed to achieve temperature balance in up to three different zones with various configuration possibilities. The Spectrum’s S-3 remote evaporator, designed with high airflow and large capacity, complements the Spectrum host units, allowing each temperature zone to act like an individual trailer. Thermo King’s Smart Set, designed to offer precise temperature control, facilitates reduced fuel consumption at all operating ranges, according to the company.

    The Spectrum system also features the SR-2 controller with an enlarged display screen so customers can easily view cargo temperature and system set point value; all temperature zones can be viewed simultaneously, allowing for quick unit checks in the yard. Clear text messages, along with codes, are viewable, and customers have the option to choose between 22 language settings.

    The system features EMI-3000, which extends the maintenance interval to 3,000 hours and includes a special 12,000-hour coolant and high-grade mineral oil. Optional rear remote-control and electronic door switches also are available. The hybrid model 50 units offer electric-to-diesel switching as standard. All Spectrum models come standard with Whisper quiet technology and feature biodiesel-compatible engines.

  • The Heat King unit is a forced-air heating unit that works on the same basic principle as a car’s heating system, according to the company: A Tier-II diesel-powered engine heats liquid coolant in a radiator coil, while a blower forces air across the coil and into the cargo area. The result is safe, efficient, dependable heat inside the trailer or container, no matter how cold it gets outside, Thermo King says. The Heat King unit also features a belt-driven alternator designed to automatically recharge the unit’s battery while the engine is running.

When operating on high speed, the Heat King’s blower delivers substantial heat output to protect valuable cargo, the company says; and when outside temperatures moderate but remain below the desired product temperature, low blower speed provides the appropriate amount of heat output, which still protects the cargo and also conserves fuel.
Thermo King

Tough truck doors
Todco says its ArmorPlate overhead truck doors possess the extra strength of steel for heavy-freight trailer and truck body applications. The panels incorporate high-strength steel skins bonded to a solid high-density polyethylene composite core, providing added durability to stand up to heavy freight, frequent stops and grueling over-the-road weather conditions, the company says. The polycomposite core is designed to be impervious to moisture, adding protection for cargo, while providing extra structural strength. The door also has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, according to Todco: It weighs about the same as a one-inch plywood door, but it’s more weather-resistant and thinner, measuring 13 mm. The company says its MagniCoat rivets help protect the doors against rust. ArmorPlate can be painted or can incorporate pre-painted coil to match fleet color specifications.

Tough lock resists corrosion, break-ins
Esmet says its Tufloc hinge-lock for utility, service and delivery vehicles is cast from 304 stainless steel to help resist corrosion, sawing, drilling, chiseling and hammering.

Fasteners include high-strength, grade-5 carriage bolts and a stainless-steel central bolt; an electro-polish stainless-steel finish helps seal out the elements. The bolt head is designed to rotate and has a tungsten carbide insert to help resist cutting at the locking point – so much so that saw attacks on the lock take longer than any other lock tested by the American Standards for Testing and Materials, the company says.

Lighter low-ride suspension
Hendrickson says it has squeezed 75 pounds from the Intraax low-ride/liftable integrated trailer suspension system with the launch of the Intraax AANL 23K scheduled in the second quarter of this year. Intraax AANL 23K replaces the AAL 23K as Hendrickson’s lightest 23,000-pound-capacity low-ride/liftable suspension system, giving fleets and owner-operators a savings of about 150 pounds on tandem-axle trailers, according to the company.

AANL 23K provides all of the benefits of Intraax, including the first standard trailer cam tube system to reduce S-cam maintenance, and the industry’s straightest world-class axle to help stretch fuel mileage and extend tire life, Hendrickson says. Standard Quik-Align is designed to deliver fast, easy, accurate axle alignment.

Offered in ride heights from 6.5 to 17 inches, AANL 23K brings road-proven, tapered-beam and large-diameter axle (LDA) technologies to dropdecks, lowboys, platforms, tankers, bottom dumps and specialty trailers, according to the company. The Intraax AANL system uses Hendrickson’s advanced axle/beam technology (AXT), which teams the company’s tapered-beam and LDA technologies, to facilitate enhanced component system strength while reducing weight.

While the lighter weight of the tapered-beam construction allows haulers to carry more cargo on each run, the AANL 23K also delivers exceptional freight protection, superior performance and rugged durability, Hendrickson says. The AANL tapered-beam design uses high-performance Tri-Functional III Bushing designed to deliver an outstanding ride. The bushings feature phosphate-coated inner metal for added corrosion protection and a rubber compound to facilitate outstanding durability and ride.

According to the company, LDA increases the diameter of today’s traditional five-inch axle by about three-quarters of an inch while slightly reducing the wall thickness, which reduces weight while improving component and system strength. Hendrickson says LDA delivers as much as a 22 percent increase in bending and torsional stiffness compared to the five-inch axle tube, which reduces tube deflection under loads to keep the axle straighter and help enhance fuel efficiency while containing tire wear.

Headset, handset cords
Whitney Blake says its rugged, high-performance headset and handset assembly cords are suited for transportation communication applications, including headsets, radio telephone handsets, vehicle intercom systems and tactical radio systems. The durable, pre-assembled cords also are suited for utility and field site applications, and may be enhanced through the design and development of custom overmolds. The cords are manufactured with a polyurethane jacket and may be customized with appropriate contacts and connectors. The length and flexibility of the cords facilitates a greater range of motion for users, which often is needed in demanding environments.
Whitney Blake

Robust LED work lamp
Truck-Lite says its 81 Series LED work lamp combines a traditional incandescent work lamp with LED technology to provide a powerful light output. With an intense bright, white appearance through the entire voltage range, the LED work lamp comes to full brightness much sooner than incandescent versions, the company says. The lamp is designed to operate in a 12V environment, but will function at full brightness from 8.5V to 16V, drawing only 1.2 amps compared to the incandescent 2.93 amp draw. The lamp, which the company says has a 100,000-hour life, is suited for general illumination for vehicle maintenance and inspections, and the LED product also can support service lighting needs, yard tractor applications, tractor-trailers, forklifts, agricultural lighting and airport ground-support vehicles. The lamp’s six diodes are encapsulated in epoxy for added protection against moisture and corrosion. The pedestal-mounted product is made of a polycarbonate lens, powder-coated cast-aluminum housing and stainless-steel mounting hardware to help combat corrosion. The robust design can stand up to harsh work conditions, including shock, vibration and direct impact.

Bypass filter for pre-’07 engines
Cleantechnics International says its bypass filter system not only extends the life of pre-2007 engines by more than 20 percent, but also increases fuel efficiency by as much as 5 percent, multiplies the distance between oil changes by a factor of more than 20, and reduces associated waste oil by the same amount. The CTI filter system is transferable from one truck to another, the company says.
Cleantechnics International

Compact graphic display module
The latest addition to Ametek Dixson’s NGI vehicular instrumentation system is its Stand-Alone 2-Inch Graphic Display Module. The compact module is designed to provide the advantages of a graphic display in a rugged, versatile gauge that can be used either by itself or as a complement to existing instrumentation simply by connecting it to an SAE J1939 (CAN) data bus. The gauge is sealed to IP67 specifications both front and rear, and the backlit liquid crystal display is 106 pixels wide and 56 pixels high, providing clear, legible graphics. A dead-fronted warning indicator is positioned above the graphic display window, and three backlit switches with tactile feedback provide a user interface.

The module can display data directly from the vehicle data bus or text and graphics as specified by a customer; text and symbols can be static, dynamic (scrolling or marquee) or a combination of both. Backlighting can be red, green, blue, amber or white; the warning indicator also can be any one of these colors. The module operates from 9 to 32 volts DC and includes a switch-to-ground output that can be used to control an external annunciator, relay or other device. The module meets all SAE J1455 and J1113 requirements for vehicular instrumentation and was developed to withstand harsh conditions typical of off-road environments, the company says.
Ametek Dixson

Disc brake rotors
The aftermarket division of Webb Wheel Products has added three new rotors to its product offering. The company says the 15.00 x 1.435 rear disc brake rotors – part numbers 54280P, 54281P and 54282P – are made from a high grade of cast iron for long service life, have corrosion protection coating and have been examined and refined through stringent testing for maximum performance.
Webb Wheel Products

Heavy-duty cabin air filters
Luber-finer’s latest line of high-performance cabin air filters are designed specifically for use with Class 6, 7 and 8 heavy-duty trucks. The company says the air filters are significantly more efficient at eliminating allergens such as bacteria, pollen, smog, dust and exhaust that may be entering the vehicle through the ventilation system. The air filters are made to trap virtually all pollen and dust particles that may cause allergic reactions; such particles are generally 7 to 100 microns in diameter. The filters are rated with a capability to remove 99.5 percent of allergen contaminants from outside air, according to Luber-finer; most cabin air filter changes take less than 15 minutes.

Ceramic-formula disc brake pad
Major performance advantages are available from a ceramic-formula disc brake pad for heavy-duty truck and transit vehicle air-brake systems, according to Marathon Brake Systems.

Marathon says it is the first major heavy-duty brake component manufacturer to use this specific formulation of ceramics and brass chips in disc brake pads. The formula has shown wear and braking efficiency improvements in bus and transit coach applications, and helps control problems of brake noise and dusting, according to Marathon. The ceramic brake pads also feature a “secure-lock” backing plate designed to assure lining-to-plate attachment.
Marathon Brake Systems

Revolutionary fan
Rite-Hite has introduced the Revolution Fan – a high-volume/low-speed industrial fan designed to provide more consistent air circulation and ventilation with better energy efficiency than traditional high-speed ceiling fans or industrial floor fans. The Revolution Fan’s four contoured anodized aluminum blades are designed to move more air than traditional fans, with more consistency across the whole blade, creating an airflow of more than 360,000 cubic feet per minute and preventing dead-air holes directly beneath the fan and in building corners.

At the heart of the fan’s design is the company’s anodized aluminum Propell-Aire blade that varies in width and pitch angle, a shape Rite-Hite says is impossible to produce with extruded blades used on other HV/LS fans. Additionally, the blades are attached to the hub by a pivot, a design that allows the blades to rise to their working position and direct air outward from the fan in a conical shape, extending the height and reach of air movement seven times beyond the diameter of the fan. The pivot itself is surrounded by a vibration-absorbing resilient material that reduces stress by 50 to 75 percent to maximize fan life, according to the company.

Available in 12-, 16-, 20- and 24-foot diameters, the Revolution Fan uses steel universal mounting brackets designed for easy installation. The mounting system includes a beam clamp, motor housing, stabilization cables and a three-way motor-to-hub safety connection. A robust motor and extruded, precision-milled aluminum hub facilitate reliable, low-maintenance operation.

Forward horn
Superior Signals says its Safe-T-Alert 2200 Series forward horns are rugged, compact horns suited for emergency and maintenance vehicles, construction equipment, fire and lift trucks, industrial vehicles and utility buses, among others. The horns – measuring 4 inches wide by 2 inches deep by 3.25 inches high – are built with encapsulated solid-state electronics to produce a 107db continuous tone when activated. The UL/CUL/CE-approved 2200 Series horns feature a black ABS housing designed to resist moisture, dust and vibration, and can be sprayed clean. The horns can survive in operating temperatures ranging from -40 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit, and can operate with voltages from 12 to 48 while requiring only an input current of 0.4A @ 28VDC, the company says.
Superior Signals