Sun Power launches Eco-Air anti-idling system

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Sun Power Technologies says its self-contained Eco-Air 12-volt anti-idling system is designed to deliver 10,000 BTUs of cooling capacity per hour for eight to 12 hours without using any of the truck’s power sources. The heart of the design is the DC Airco 12-volt air conditioner that draws a maximum current of 46 amps at full output, which the company says makes it possible to run the air conditioner when coupled to its fully integrated battery system.

The battery system is engineered to recharge using the standard truck alternator through an electronic charge circuit that monitors current and voltage to ensure proper charge algorithms. The battery box also offers an emergency start circuit designed to enable the auxiliary batteries to be paralleled to the cranking batteries when needed, virtually eliminating jump starts.

The company says the Eco-Air system, which can be installed on any make or model of tractor in about four hours, also can supply 12-volt DC power for many of the diesel-fired heaters available on the market today for a complete anti-idling HVAC solution. For more information, go to