Celadon employees nearing 1,000 pounds lost on ‘Highway 2 Health’

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Celadon Group announced today, April 18, that 73 employees have lost nearly 1,000 pounds by participating in a weight loss program tied to the company’s Highway 2 Health wellness initiative.

After completing a 12-week onsite Weight Watchers course, 54 employees at Celadon’s Indianapolis headquarters have lost 704 pounds. Nineteen employees at Celadon’s operation in Kitchener, Ontario, in the 10th week of their program, have lost 257 pounds to bring the company’s weight loss total to 961 pounds.

“In my time with Weight Watchers, this is the most weight loss that I’ve seen in that amount of time among that many employees,” says Susan Hartland, At Work Manager for Weight Watchers International. “This is truly an accomplishment worth celebrating.”

Celadon implemented its Highway 2 Health program in August as an effort to lower its health care costs while creating a healthier work force. For the Weight Watchers program, Celadon offered a financial incentive to encourage participation; employees who completed the 12-week program and lost five percent of their initial body weight were reimbursed for the entire cost of the $140 program. Those who completed the program but didn’t meet the goal were reimbursed for half of the program’s cost.

“I can’t express how proud we are of every employee who has participated,” says Steve Russell, Celadon chairman and chief executive officer. “With an average weight loss of 13 pounds per person, we are all sharing in the excitement of their results.”

At Celadon’s Indianapolis headquarters, the 54 participating employees were divided into two teams to compete against each other in trying to lose the most weight; the winning team lost 387 pounds and will be served a nutritionally balanced lunch by the other team. At least 21 Indianapolis employees are continuing with a new 12-week program that begins on April 24; they will be joined by at least 23 employees who have signed up to participate for the first time.

The Highway 2 Health initiative has several components, including the opportunity for employees to participate in a thorough health screening that measures blood pressure, body mass, glucose and lipid profiles. Employees who participate receive a confidential report on the state of their health along with a plan of action to control problems. They also have access to an onsite medical team that can provide immediate care, medical consultations, individual health coaching and health education classes.