Continental says its solid pneumatic forklift tire is CSEasy

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Continental Tire North America today, May 16, introduced the CSEasy, a solid superelastic tire for forklifts. The CSEasy, a new tire engineered by Continental, is said to the first of its kind, requiring no press, specialist technician or equipment for installation. The resilient, solid pneumatic tires can be fitted on-site, ensuring the forklift is back in full operation within mere minutes, the company says.

The key to the CSEasy, according to Continental, is the innovative reusable adapter between the tire and rim; due to the adapter’s conical shape, the tire is already in the proper position, and with a simple torque wrench, the CSEasy can be mounted quickly and easily, making the press redundant and significantly reducing the amount of time for tire changes. This innovation offers the following benefits for end users, distributors and OEMs, the company says:

  • Added flexibility, thanks to elimination of the mounting press, lock and flange ring components and the wheel exchange pool;
  • Enhanced technical properties, including optimum rim seating, high temperature tolerance and greater dynamic load capacity for transporting heavy loads;
  • Optimized side-tilt stability and better steering precision; and
  • More economical, due to reduced vehicle downtime and lower rolling resistance.
  • “The CSEasy is innovative, fast and simple,” says Joe Pauli, operations manager for Charlotte, N.C.-based Continental Industrial Tire. “We are excited to add the CSEasy to our comprehensive range of industrial tires. A press is no longer required for solid tire installation. With gasoline prices exceeding $3 per gallon, the elimination of traditional service and installation charges make CSEasy even more affordable and may make traditional tire pressing a thing of the past.”

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