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Freightliner’s new Cascadia

Freightliner’s new on-highway truck
Freightliner Trucks last month revealed the Cascadia, a new Class 8 on-highway tractor that goes into production in August. The Cascadia, which will replace the current Columbia and Century Class trucks in 2010, offers a 3 percent improvement in fuel economy over previous models and was designed to accommodate DaimlerChrysler’s new global heavy-duty engine platform, the Portland, Ore.-based truck maker says. Detroit Diesel will launch the new platform – designed to meet 2010 U.S. environmental regulations – late this year.

“Our customers are faced with the consequences of ever-tightening emissions standards, higher fuel prices, rapidly escalating wages and benefits, and a dire shortage of maintenance technicians,” said Freightliner LLC President and CEO Chris Patterson in announcing the new truck.

In addition to improved fuel economy, the Cascadia addresses these concerns through improved serviceability to reduce vehicle downtime and improved cab comfort and ergonomics to help fleets attract and retain drivers, Patterson said.

To achieve the improvements in fuel economy, the more than 1 million engineering hours included 2,500 hours in Freightliner’s full-scale wind tunnel. “Our wind tunnel was constructed expressly for this kind of new model development,” Patterson said. “Apparently, tiny tweaks in the design made possible by our unlimited use of our own facility can save owners hundreds of dollars in fuel consumption over the life of their truck.”

In addition to aerodynamics, fuel-saving features of the Cascadia include an integrated battery-powered auxiliary HVAC system and an engine cooling system that minimizes engine fan and air-conditioning compressor on-time.

Serviceability features include improved diagnostics, an HVAC system designed to reduce repair frequency, breakaway side extenders, a roped-in windshield that can be changed in minutes, extended-life headlamp bulbs and easier access to engine and accessory components, Freightliner says.

Cab design followed extensive research into driver wants and needs, Freightliner says. The Cascadia features double door and window seals, improved engine and cab mounts, additional insulation and a hydraulic clutch to reduce vibration and road noise. It also offers larger seats, larger door openings for easy entry and egress, more head and belly room, and easier-to-use switches and climate controls, the truck maker adds. Freightliner’s rack and pinion steering system is intended to improve durability through lower system pressure and temperature and to provide quicker steering response and reduced steering effort.

Cascadia specs include:

  • GVWRs of 35,000 to 71,000 lbs. with a GCWR of 92,000 lbs.
  • Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine, 455 hp is standard; an MBE 4000 with ratings of 370 to 450 hp and Caterpillar C15 with ratings of 435 to 550 hp are available.
  • EatonFuller manual transmission is standard UltraShift and AutoShift transmissions are available.
  • Standard front taperleaf suspension rated at 12,000 lbs.; optional spring suspension rated at 14,600 lbs.
  • Standard rear AirLiner suspension rated at 40,000 lbs.; optional AirLiner suspension rated at 21,000 lbs.

Freightliner Trucks

Medium- and heavy-duty clutches
LuK Automotive Systems has introduced a line of medium- and heavy-duty clutches for class 6, 7 and 8 vehicles. Designed to be tough, quiet and cool under pressure, the clutches deliver smooth, progressive engagement, exceptional durability and low pedal effort, according to the company. The simple, robust, highly reliable design protects sensitive driveline components, LuK says, and quiet-disc technology isolates gear rattle, idle noise and other potentially destructive vibrations to deliver smooth, crisp shifts. The casting features a vane-type profile designed to increase airflow inside the clutch, thereby reducing operating temperatures and prolonging component life.

The line offers maximum coverage with minimum shelf space, according to the company: just 11 sets cover most applications, from a 2,250 ft.-lb. torque-rated 15.5-inch heavy-duty two-plate; to a 14.5-inch medium-duty single-plate rated at 620 ft. lbs. In addition to heavy-duty, precision-manufactured cerametallic facings, LuK says it offers a 14.5-inch cushioned organic option for medium-duty applications where more comfort and control are needed. Each set comes with a clutch, disc and release bearing; also available are flat or potted flywheels, and standard or roller yoke configurations.
LuK Automotive Systems

Improved EGR cooler
Behr America says it has developed an improved exhaust gas recirculation cooler that adheres to the latest U.S. emissions standards for heavy trucks. The EGR cooler was redesigned to double the recirculation rate of cooled exhaust so that it now will have an increased power density, pressure strength and resistance to vibrations. Behr has developed a new management system – called the House of Reliability (HoR) – that it says keeps track of the reliability of the new EGR cooler. The HoR is based on seven elements: mission profile, failure management and weak-point analysis, virtual breakdown, component analysis, test strategy, field observation and validation.
Behr America

Solid superelastic forklift tire
Continental Tire North America introduced the CSEasy, a solid superelastic tire for forklifts. The CSEasy, a new tire engineered by Continental, is said to the first of its kind, requiring no press, specialist technician or equipment for installation. The resilient, solid pneumatic tires can be fitted on-site, ensuring the forklift is back in full operation within mere minutes, the company says.

The key to the CSEasy, according to Continental, is the innovative reusable adapter between the tire and rim; due to the adapter’s conical shape, the tire is already in the proper position, and with a simple torque wrench, the CSEasy can be mounted quickly and easily, making the press redundant and significantly reducing the amount of time for tire changes. This innovation offers the following benefits for end users, distributors and OEMs, the company says:

  • Added flexibility, thanks to elimination of the mounting press, lock and flange ring components and the wheel exchange pool;
  • Enhanced technical properties, including optimum rim seating, high temperature tolerance and greater dynamic load capacity for transporting heavy loads;
  • Optimized side-tilt stability and better steering
    precision; and
  • More economical, due to reduced vehicle downtime and lower rolling resistance.

Continental Tire North America

Replacement turbos for Cat engine
BorgWarner Turbo and Emissions Systems, North American Aftermarket has introduced S410G turbochargers for Cat 3406E 475-550hp and 600hp applications. The S410G, which features extended-tip compressor wheel technology and a durable turbo bearing system, offers improved airflow, higher pressure ratios and reliable service, the company says. The turbochargers are a direct replacement and require no fitment modifications.

Rail system for flatbeds
The SpeedGuard system from Garlock Equipment helps eliminate falls from flatbed trailers being loaded, unloaded and tarped. One person can attach the system in 10 minutes or less – from ground level – with the heaviest piece weighing 23 pounds, according to the company. The totally integrated system is stored in a compact package on wheels, so it can be rolled wherever it’s needed, inside and outside. Garlock says SpeedGuard works on almost any flatbed trailer: Insert seven railholders into the stake pockets on each side, drop in six railings, roll the ladder into place, and drop in the last rail section at the back. Also available is a system for flatbeds with damaged or nonexistent stake pockets.
Garlock Equipment

Friction liners for high-torque fan drives
Horton says it hasn’t changed the material used in its enhanced friction liners for its high-torque DriveMaster spring-engaged fan drive applications. Rather, the dual-lipped backing plate design stiffens the assembly to improve durability and reduce maintenance intervals, the company says. The liners will be installed in high-torque applications, including DriveMaster PolarExtreme and DriveMaster two-speed PolarExtreme fan drives, as well as in PolarExtreme repair kits that include a liner.

Help your wheels find their center
Tru-Balance is a line of wheel centering products designed to achieve true center by centering the wheel to the stud rather than the hub pilot. While many use the hub pilot, Tru-Balance says that gravity can cause the weight of the wheel to rest only on the top one or two pilots, creating a gap in the bottom pilots; even the smallest gap can result in an egg-shaped motion upon rotation, which can create tire vibration, increased fuel consumption and erratic tire wear.

Battery cable connections, electrical testers
Del City says its combination of copper terminals and solder slugs allows users to replace problematic battery cable connections quickly and easily. The copper battery terminals can be connected by either crimping or soldering the terminal to the wire. The solder is a lead/tin composition with a low melting point, which allows for an easy copper-to-metal connection, according to the company; it combines a presized solder pellet, liquid flux and a piece of adhesive-lined heat-shrink tubing, facilitating a weather-resistant connection with maximum conductivity. The soldered connection is suited for large-gauge wire and high-amp applications.

The company’s GFI receptacle tester is designed to detect common wiring problems in standard and ground fault circuit interrupter outlets; simply plug in and view the light pattern on the tester for wiring condition, and depress the black button to test operation of ground fault receptacles.

Also, Del City says its Tru-Spark ignition firing indicator allows users to quickly and accurately test DIS and other ignition systems; it can test without piercing or removing spark plug wires.
Del City

Portable air end lift
Gray Manufacturing Co. says its 10 ton-capacity portable air end lift eliminates the need for a dedicated bay and keeps downtime to a minimum. The lift is 100 percent air-operated, which the company says provides a smooth and dependable lift with minimal maintenance; and with a capacity of 10 tons, the lift is capable of raising military vehicles, school buses, trailers and Class 8 trucks. The air end lift also combines a low starting height of 14 inches with 30 inches of power stroke, enough for a variety of maintenance jobs, according to Gray.
Gray Manufacturing

Back-up camera, tire pressure monitoring systems
Mobile Awareness has announced the distribution of two rugged small-truck camera systems. The solutions are provided through a joint venture with St. Louis-based vehicle camera company Visor-View. Appropriately named for the display mounting style, both the Visor-View Pickup and Mirror-View Pickup systems are designed to offer clear color pictures of what is behind the vehicle, day or night. These systems are suited for multiple applications, such as trailer hitch alignment, forward viewing and in-vehicle monitoring. The Visor-View Pickup system includes a 5.8-inch TFT LCD color monitor (visor installed) with a small, rugged CCD color camera; a 150-degree viewing-angle Sony waterproof camera; all hardware; cables; and remote control. For safety and convenience, the Color LCD display is discreetly installed in the driver’s side visor. The Mirror-View Pickup system includes a 7.0-inch TFT LCD color monitor that clips onto the existing rearview mirror, and the same Sony camera and accessories.

The company’s MA-TPMS series tire pressure monitoring system is designed to automatically and continuously monitor tire status, alerting the driver to abnormal conditions with an audible alert and LCD display indicator. The system is designed not only to warn of low-pressure and high-pressure levels, but also to monitor hazardous tire temperature conditions; all three warning settings are programmable. The tires do not require removal and remounting during installation of the sensor, according to the company; rather, the rugged, miniature valve-stem sensor transmitters are mounted externally, which enables the air in the tire to be refilled through the built-in valve stem.
Mobile Awareness

Extended service coolant filters
Luber-finer says its extended service coolant filters were developed to maintain and protect cooling systems during extended service intervals of up to one year, 150,000 miles or 4,000 hours. Designed for use with conventional coolant, ethylene or propylene glycol, the filters have a specially formulated synthetic media and are pre-charged with the company’s Controlled Release Technology supplemental coolant additive, formulated to protect engines against harmful corrosion, cavitation and scale when longer service intervals are needed. The filters are constructed of a durable epoxy-coated shell designed to resist rust and corrosion during extended service. A protective holding chamber inside the shell helps keep CRT coolant separate from filter media to prevent degradation and provide even release. The filters also are designed with an all-steel base plate to provide added durability and strength for stability over extended service levels, as well as a double-rolled seam for a tighter fit to help prevent leakage.

Solution for wet trailer floors
Prolam says its hot-melt polyurethane-reactive P·u·R undercoating for the underside of laminated trailer floors is designed for superior moisture resistance, eliminating the challenges of traditional water-based paint coatings. In climates with extreme weather conditions, water-based paint systems may break down when subjected to intense water spray and road debris; once water-based paint breaks down, the wood absorbs moisture, causing warping, swelling and deterioration of glue bonds. P·u·R surpasses water-based coatings in industry standardized tests for elongation, abrasion, adhesion and water absorption, the company says, and it can be applied in several possible configurations.

Small engine cooling system treatment
Penray says its Pencool 3500 Small Engine Cooling System Treatment with Stabil-Aid is the first coolant maintenance additive designed exclusively for smaller engines such as refrigerator units, diesel pickups, small delivery vans and generators. Pencool 3500 is designed to help prevent liner and block pitting, eliminate plugging of cooling system passages, inhibit insulating mineral scale deposit, prevent premature water pump failure, extend antifreeze life, stabilize antifreeze and overdosed additives, and protect all six metals commonly found in cooling systems. Pencool 3500 also contains ethylene glycol, so it doesn’t alter the freeze point, according to the company.

Coolant filter, fuel filter water separator
Donaldson describes its Endurance Plus coolant filter as a simple, reliable filtration solution that maintains coolant quality in diesel engines. The coolant filters come equipped with additive replenishment technology and are suited for direct replacement to standard coolant filters in engines without modification or special maintenance. Designed for standard ethylene glycol and propylene glycol, the replenishing additive technology is formulated to extend coolant life and protect against corrosion, cavitation erosion, scale deposits and inhibitor drop. Donaldson says the additive technology uses a controlled chemical release process and Synteq filtration media to maintain healthy coolant conditions more effectively than standard cellulose filter media.

The company also says its fuel filter water separators – including Donaldson Twist&Drain – now are available as part of a system paired with a wide variety of head assemblies, including port sizes from 1/4 to 7/8 inch, and flow ranges from 45 to 180 gallons per hour. The filters are designed to be compatible with petroleum-based fuels.

Diesel, biodiesel conditioner
Parker Hannifin’s Racor division says its Powershot+ diesel fuel conditioner works effectively with diesel and biodiesel to improve stability and inhibit corrosion. Powershot+, also available for gasoline, also improves performance and fuel economy, the company says; one 11-ounce bottle treats up to 30 gallons.