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Supra 950 truck refrigeration unit

Carrier’s cool, quiet reefer
In its own quiet way, the Supra 950 truck refrigeration unit boasts the highest output of any truck unit made by Carrier Transicold, the company says. Not only is the unit a cooling capacity leader, but Carrier – a business unit of United Technologies Corp. – says the Supra 950’s sound output is significantly lower than its predecessor. The company says the new diesel-powered unit completes a two-year transformation of its single-temperature truck refrigeration line, which also includes the Supra 550, 650, 750 and 850.

“It will be a favorite for frozen applications, such as ice cream, and for the leasing industry, where the varying demand on the daily rental trucks requires a refrigeration unit with the highest capacity,” says David Kiefer, who directed the product line upgrade as Carrier Transicold’s product manager for truck products. “At 100 degrees Fahrenheit ambient with its setpoint at 35 degrees, the Supra 950’s cooling capacity is a huge 32,000 BTUs.”

Sporting a new “skin” package with a contemporary appearance, the Supra 950 unit’s exterior is made of a composite material designed to be lightweight, damage-resistant and easy to clean. Like others in the series, the Supra 950 was acoustically engineered to significantly reduce sound output; a new all-composite bottom panel seals against the housing, helping to buffer and redirect engine noise, Carrier says.

“Besides giving it great looks and quieter operation, we also improved the unit for easier maintenance and service access,” Kiefer says. Basic inspections can be performed without opening doors or removing panels, and operators and technicians can easily check the engine oil level, check and add engine coolant and inspect the refrigerant level without opening the unit, Carrier says. Grab bars attached to the frame on both sides are designed to provide secure, convenient grips for service technicians.

The Supra 950 unit uses a 1.1-liter CT3-69 TriVortex diesel engine and a 6-cylinder compressor. The large engine and compressor are designed to deliver high-capacity refrigeration while running at relatively low speeds, reducing wear and tear on the mechanical system and conserving fuel. For even greater fuel savings, the Supra 950 unit can be optionally equipped with an electric standby motor that also helps reduce noise and eliminate exhaust emissions at the loading dock.

All Supra units are controlled by the Cab Command microprocessor with a driver-friendly in-cab digital readout, Carrier says.
Carrier Transicold

Filter service indicators
Donaldson Co. says its full line of filter service indicators provides a cost-effective way to improve the service life of air filters used in on-road and off-road applications. The company offers a variety of devices designed to maximize filter utilization – including models designed for light, medium and heavy vehicles – that are built to resist vibration, breakage, weather, corrosion, dust and dirt. Filter service indicators – whether electrical, visual, pressure or differential – signal when filters should be changed; these restriction measurement tools are intended to provide a dependable assessment of filter service life that is not possible by visual inspection alone. Although a filter may look “dirty,” in most cases it can go plenty more miles or hours. Attaching a filter service indicator to an air cleaner, in the ducting or remotely helps ensure the longest possible filter life and provide added engine protection.

Rocker switches
E-Switch says its R5 series illuminated rocker switches come in a variety of actuator colors and either a black or white housing, and are available with eight choices of markings. The illuminated versions come with either a neon lamp or an incandescent bulb. According to the company, the RoHS-compliant switches have a contact rating of 15 AA 250V and 20A 125V AC, and have an electrical life of 6,000 cycles and a mechanical life of 30,000 cycles.

Battery with terminal adaptor kit
EnerSys now offers its Odyssey PC680 battery with a terminal adaptor kit that enables the SLI (starting, lighting and ignition) battery to be mounted vertically. The mounting configuration is designed to make the battery adaptable to more applications, where a drycell battery with a long service life is preferred to traditional flooded batteries that can leak acid and may require frequent replacement. The 12-volt PC680 provides deep cycle operation, high cranking power and fast charging capability, according to the company, and its rugged construction is built for superior vibration resistance, allowing it to be installed in any orientation (except inverted) without sacrificing any performance attributes. The battery offers a service life of six to eight years and a two-year storage life at room temperature, versus a conventional battery’s two- to three-year service life and six- to 12-month shelf life. The PC680 also features a robust 12-year float life.

Wireless remote for pressure washers
Landa says its wireless remote for pressure washers can control operation of a unit from up to 300 feet away. There are three versions of the LanCom remote system, which is designed to control operation of the pump, the burner and detergent injection from one or two detergent sources. The remote signal can travel through building walls, allowing the pressure washer to be controlled from another room or outside the building, according to the company. The remote system, designed to remove the hassle of installation of hard-wired remote stations, can save time with easy startup and shutdown of the unit from a remote washing area, such as a site away from the main unit or from a ladder or scaffolding.

Battery cleaner spray
East Penn Manufacturing says its Deka battery cleaner spray penetrates, loosens and neutralizes surface acid and corrosion deposits, and has an indicator that shows any residual acid that may remain on the battery surface. When sprayed, the cleaning agent originates as a yellow color; as it detects acid, it

leaves a pink foam, indicating where the acid is present. After additional applications, the user knows that the battery is free of acid residue when the spray remains yellow. The spray is intended to help reduce voltage leakage due to impeding contaminants, while also optimizing current flow, performance and service life. The acid-indicating feature provides added safety, ensuring that the battery is clean and completely free of any potentially harmful residual acid.
East Penn Manufacturing

Automated lift arm, side loader
Heil Environmental says it has updated its 7000 automated arm to increase the lift’s durability and extend its lifecycle. Heil also is making its enclosed oil bath gearbox, which is standard on the Python automated arm, available as an option for the 7000 arm. Heil engineers have augmented the design of the 7000 automated arm’s joint configurations by bolstering weld penetration in critical areas, and they also have made minor modifications to specific arm components to help reduce stress at key locations. The 7000 automated arm – available on the Formula 7000 and DuraPack 7000 automated side loaders – is a suitable lift choice for haulers who need to collect heavy 300-gallon containers in addition to standard 95-gallon carts. With a lift cycle time of eight seconds, it can serve up to 1,400 homes per day, according to the company. Retrofit kits and replacement parts are available through Parts Central, a Heil company.

Heil says it also has updated its Retriever Satellite side loader to make it more durable, low-maintenance and operator-friendly. The Retriever Satellite is a small side loader used in parks and recreation areas, airports, tight alleys, gated communities and other routes where a full-size refuse collection vehicle won’t fit. Many customers also use it as a back-up vehicle or for collecting missed stops. Dual hopper doors are designed to enable loading from either side, and cart lifters can be added to one or both sides for semi-automated collection. According to the company, its patented transfer system makes it possible to unload the Retriever into a full-size rear loader, minimizing trips to the disposal site.
Heil Environmental

Hand controls
TCH Series electronic, industrial hand controls are available from Tuthill Controls Group for a wide range of applications. The controllers can be integrated into any vehicle design, and any application that uses a conventional contact potentiometer hand controller can be replaced with a Tuthill Controls device for increased reliability and performance, according to the company. Tuthill says the controllers feature a noncontact sensor design and can be used for various types of vehicles, including trucks, buses and equipment for construction, farming and material handling, such as forklifts. The controllers are suited for operating electric vehicles and electrohydraulic systems, as well as internal combustion engines in nonvehicle applications, including harsh environments where normal sensors are unsuitable.
Tuthill Controls Group

Stand-up end control trucks
Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks says its FBC15NS-FBC20NS series of electric counterbalanced stand-up end control trucks – with capacities ranging from 3,000 to 4,000 pounds – is suited for fast-moving applications requiring extensive shuttling, frequent entries and exits of trailers, and tight turns in narrow spaces. Designed with a range of reliable performance options, the FBC15NS-FBC20NS series features a 100 percent transistorized AC drive and hydraulic control system to facilitate exceptional productivity and ease of service, helping to minimize downtime. Mitsubishi Forklift says serviceability advantages include 500-hour maintenance intervals and display-based diagnostics. The series also features electric power steering, low-step height, and knee, hip and elbow padding to help reduce operator fatigue over long shifts. The flexible side-stance operating position is designed to allow operators to adjust to various travel and application requirements with minimal effort. Excellent visibility through the mast and around the overhead guard legs, combined with precise control using the multifunction control handle, help make it easy for operators to load or unload trailers and to pick or rack loads, according to the company.
Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks

Systems for waste liquids, spill pallets
New Pig Corp. has introduced a collection center and pump system designed specifically to transfer and collect waste liquids. Heavy-duty components can be integrated into any workspace or existing system for safer, cleaner and more efficient liquid waste management, according to the company. The collection center’s components include the 7-gallon Pig Burpless Waste Collection Center, the Pig Evacuation Pump Kit and a variety of safety- and efficiency-enhancing accessories, each sold separately. The system can be wall-mounted permanently or used portably for increased flexibility. In addition, the Pig Burpless Waste Collection Center can be connected to any drum or bulk collection container with a 2-inch NPT bung opening for direct draining. Suited for any industry that collects large amounts of oils, coolants and other nonhazardous fluids, the system helps to reduce the need for carrying and lifting heavy, cumbersome containers and can help prevent injuries, drips and spills, New Pig says.

New Pig’s expandable PIG multi-IBC spill pallet system is designed to cut costs and aid in compliance with regulations for storing multiple IBC units. The system features flow-through connections designed to allow individual components to share sump capacity and help meet containment regulations. The heavy-duty pallet sections can support up to 9,000 pounds UDL and have a low-profile height of 8.75 inches for easy loading, according to the company. The system is constructed of 100 percent polyethylene to help resist corrosion and offer compatibility with most chemicals, including oils, solvents and acids. The system is designed to accommodate all 275-gallon IBC units.
New Pig Corp.

Single diode back-up lamps
Truck-Lite has introduced single diode technology to its line of LED back-up lamps. The 66 Series oval lamp, available with grommet and built-in flange mounts, uses the company’s Advanced Optics Design software to provide a more homogeneous-appearing light pattern. The company says the appearance of the back-up lamp looks like a traditional incandescent lamp, making it less prone to theft but still providing all the benefits of LED technology, including outstanding reliability, brighter whiter light and improved resistance to shock and vibration for longer lamp life. The two-lamp system is suited for body market or trailer applications; all electronics, including the diode, are sealed in epoxy to help withstand road shock and vibration, and to help prevent moisture from reaching the circuits. The back-up lamp uses Truck-Lite’s Fit N’ Forget connection designed for increased corrosion resistance.

Wireless entry-system keypads
Magnadyne says its two wireless entry-system keypads, models 7950K and 7951K, are available for horizontal or vertical installations and are easy to install; simply program the keypad, clean the surface, peel and stick using the included high-bond automotive-grade double-stick tape. The keypads come preprogrammed with a permanent five-digit activation code but can be changed to the user’s own secret PIN number, and will accept up to three additional codes to accommodate other drivers. Its multiple functions include lock/arm, unlock/disarm, and two additional channels for features such as trunk/hatch release, optional window roll-up or driver’s door priority unlock. The keypads’ tamper-resistant design locks out thieves when seven incorrect codes are entered. The keypad’s five buttons with its built-in photo cell automatically illuminate only at night to conserve the unit’s six-year battery life. Programming the keypad is simple, according to the company, with built-in tones confirming each programming step. The keypads are built to be waterproof and high-pressure washproof, and are tested to withstand harsh conditions, Magnadyne says. The wireless keypads are compatible with all Silencer 7900 series starter-disable, remote security and factory keyless-entry upgrade systems.

Reach Truck
Hyster says its ZR Reach Truck uses new technology to enable faster acceleration, lift and lowering speeds, and travel speeds, all minimizing cycle time. The truck uses a CANbus communication system, which provides real-time diagnostics. Productivity features, according to Hyster, include automatic drive tire centering at key-on, which saves time for the operator who now can be confident of the start direction from start-up; automatic brake operation, which applies the brake when the truck is stationary, eliminating the need for the operator to apply the brake; multiple programmable vehicle modes for maximum speed, acceleration, deceleration and hydraulic ramping; and electric power steering. The thermal management system for all motors and controllers offer added protection from overheating, while the dedicated auxiliary pump and motor augments dependability of the main hydraulic motor. Ergonomics also have been refined, with increased operator flexibility to use the fore/aft stance and side stance compartments; the spacious compartment allows optimal operator positioning and easy entry and exit without awkward twisting, the company says. The low step height helps reduce fatigue, and the suspended floor plate cushions the operator and helps reduce stress on the operator’s legs. The truck also features brushless traction, hoist and auxiliary function motors that help reduce service time and periodic maintenance requirements. Regenerative lowering enhances battery efficiency, and sealed load wheel bearings reduce greasing requirements, according to Hyster; dual articulating caster wheels facilitate even tire wear and minimize tire scrub.
Hyster Co.