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Side body cameras
ASA Electronics says its compact, aerodynamic Voyager Side Vision Cameras, when paired with one of ASA’s Voyager LCD Observation Monitors, help eliminate blind spots on one or both sides of commercial and heavy trucks. The cameras are small and unobtrusive, and can be surface-mounted on either side of a vehicle to aid drivers in changing lanes, pulling into traffic, merging and making wide turns, the company says. The sleek design – which consists of a high-resolution, cylindrical camera enclosed in an impact-resistant plastic housing – facilitates maximum aerodynamics and can blend into any vehicle’s exterior; housings come in white, chrome and gray primer.

The cameras are offered in both color and black-and-white versions and have side-specific designs. Each camera has at least a 110-degree viewing angle (130 degrees for black-and-white), which aids the driver in effectively seeing up to four lanes over without losing sight of the truck body/trailer, according to ASA.
ASA Electronics

Aluminum rim polishing device
Vehicle Inspection Systems says its VIS-Polish machine is an automated aluminum rim polishing device that can make scratched and pitted rims shine, and polish previously unpolished rims (tire on or tire off). The device can produce a deeper, lasting polish in a fraction of the time it would take to do it by hand, with no manual labor required, according to the company.
Vehicle Inspection Systems

Ergonomic truck seat
Bostrom Seating’s T-Series Plus Seat offers a fully adjustable, sleek design that allows drivers to customize their seats for maximum personal comfort, according to Accuride. Featuring a modular seat concept and a frame that mounts to a Bostrom suspension, the seat has a cushion extension with a five-position adjustment designed to be independent from the seat-tilt adjustment and to be operated while occupied; the reclining mechanism also is ergonomically designed for easy user adjustment. The seat also features a taller back to help provide additional neck support, affording the driver added comfort and safety. The cushion and backrest can be serviced independently, and as an option, a stowable armrest that allows easier access to the sleeper compartment can be specified for both driver and passenger seat in-board applications.
Accuride Corp.

20-foot coiled assemblies
Phillips Industries says it now offers its coiled air hoses, Permacoil and ABS Permacoil electrical assemblies, in 20-foot lengths in response to the needs of certain operations such as logging and steel haulers, allowing them a sharper turning radius without damaging the hoses. The 20-foot air hoses and electrical assemblies are available on new equipment and through authorized dealers.
Phillips Industries

Integral height control, automatic dump valve
Hendrickson Trailer Suspension Systems developed its integral height control valve and automatic dump valve to help maintain load stability over the road and facilitate loading dock activity. Specifically designed and tested for optimum performance with Hendrickson air-ride suspensions, the integrated unit features a high-flow design for rapid dump and fill times. Triggered by the trailer parking brake, the valve automatically discharges with the setting of the brake and begins air-up of springs with release of the brake; for improved trailer maintenance, the HCV eliminates the need for an add-on dump valve, reducing plumbing and presenting fewer potential leak points, according to Hendrickson. The company says the integrated valve features the same long life and low air consumption as its standard HCV, and comes in kits that include 3⁄8-inch tube fittings and bolted linkage. The integrated HCV replaces the add-on dump valve and HCV combination.

Tough battery
Exide Technologies says its Exide RoadForce AGM-200 – a lead-acid battery for heavy-duty and commercial starting applications – offers increased power and enhancements over conventional flooded-group size 31 products. The RoadForce AGM-200 is completely sealed with individual cell safety pressure valves and is maintenance-free under normal operating conditions, according to the company. Available in two power levels – 925 cold-cranking amps (CCA)/200 minutes reserve capacity (RC) and 700 CCA/200 RC – the Exide RoadForce is designed with a flat-plate absorbed-glass mat configuration to make the battery nonspillable under normal operating conditions and capable of being installed in almost any orientation (inverted not recommended). In addition, lab testing has shown that the Exide RoadForce offers twice the cycling life, 12 times more vibration resistance and a 40 percent greater charge acceptance than conventional flooded-group size 31 offerings, according to the company.

The battery – which can be charged by most standard battery chargers and alternators – is made with recycled lead and plastic, and can be recycled at the end of its service life, according to the company.
Exide Technologies

Anti-idling system
Sun Power Technologies says its self-contained Eco-Air 12-volt anti-idling system is designed to deliver 10,000 BTUs of cooling capacity per hour for eight to 12 hours without using any of the truck’s power sources. The heart of the design is the DC Airco 12-volt air conditioner that draws a maximum current of 46 amps at full output, which the company says makes it possible to run the air conditioner when coupled to its fully integrated battery system. The battery system is engineered to recharge using the standard truck alternator through an electronic charge circuit that monitors current and voltage to ensure proper charge algorithms. The battery box also offers an emergency start circuit designed to enable the auxiliary batteries to be paralleled to the cranking batteries when needed, virtually eliminating jump starts.

The company says the Eco-Air system, which can be installed on any make or model of tractor in about four hours, also can supply 12-volt DC power for many of the diesel-fired heaters available on the market today for a complete anti-idling HVAC solution.
Sun Power Technologies

Remote emergency light
Pelican Products describes its 9450 Remote Area Lighting System as a rapid-deploying emergency area light, self-contained inside a tough-as-nails Pelican 1510 Protector Case. Assembling in minutes, the 9450 RALS features a multi-angle telescoping light tower that can reach up to eight feet in the air, the company says. Its detachable bank of 16 1-watt LEDs is designed to generate up to 1,280 lumens of clean, brilliant light. The 9450 RALS gives off enough light to cover an entire emergency scene, and by removing the diffuser filter, it becomes a high-powered spot beam, perfect for piercing darkness hundreds of yards away, according to Pelican.

The 9450 RALS is powered by a 17-hour rechargeable battery designed to offer up to nine hours of peak light, taking only six hours for a full charge. Additionally, the system, available in black and orange, sports an auxiliary socket designed to deliver an emergency charge to any 12-volt device such as a cellphone or laptop, the company says.
Pelican Products

Exhaust gaskets
Remflex says its exhaust gaskets are made of 100 percent flexible graphite, with no rubber binders or paper that can become brittle and burn out over time, which can lead to exhaust leaks. According to the company, the material is designed to withstand up to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit, far exceeding even the hottest exhaust system temperature. The gaskets are built with a 50 percent crush so they can fill pits and gaps as large as 1⁄16 inch, according to the company, and they never require retightening.

Side window deflectors
WeatherTech says its side window deflectors, precision-crafted from 3mm lightly-tinted acrylic material, allow drivers to maximize fresh air enjoyment by reducing excess wind noise while driving, and minimizing interior heat when parked. The deflectors install quickly and easily inside the window channel, without the need for unsightly exterior tape, according to the company.

Hot water pressure washers