Battery-powered chassis mover designed for safety, productivity


Appleton Manufacturing Division says its Roll Mover is suited for safely moving large chassis or heavy vehicles during and after manufacturing. Portable and tether-free, the battery-powered RollMover is designed to allow a single operator to easily move the heaviest rollable loads without tangled air hoses snaking across the shop floor, a common problem when using pneumatic movers.

Workers can increase productivity while freeing up tow motors and forklift operators for more demanding tasks, according to Appleton, and the convenience of a battery-powered mover helps decrease worker injuries that can result when attempting to push heavy loads by hand. A toggle handle with variable-speed throttle facilitates operating efficiency, while a rugged gearbox is designed to turn industrial-grade drive rollers that can push and maneuver any large product on wheels.

An easy-change quick-charge battery, combined with overall rugged construction, provides for extended use in demanding work environments, the company says. For more information, go to