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International’s PayStar 5900i Set-Back Axle
International Truck and Engine Corp. soon will unveil the newest truck model in its PayStar line – the International PayStar 5900i Set-Back Axle (SBA), a Class 8 vocational on-/off-road vehicle with custom factory options. International says the truck features a new axle configuration designed to meet the tough, demanding needs of customers in vocational applications such as construction, oilfield, logging, heavy hauling, mining and many more. The set-back axle design addresses customers’ needs for front-load distribution and improved maneuverability, according to the Warrenville, Ill.-based truck maker.

Powered by Caterpillar and Cummins diesel engines with up to a 625 horsepower rating and built on a standard 12.25-inch frame rail PayStar chassis, the new truck is built to provide a combination of rugged performance characteristics and quality design. The 5900i SBA offers a lightweight aluminum cab with an aggressively sloped hood for added styling and durability.

Some of the design characteristics and innovations that are built into the new truck, according to International, include:

  • A sloped hood design for added visibility;
  • Redesigned front grille for bold styling and improved cooling;
  • Outside air cleaners designed for improved air intake and reduced service intervals;
  • Upcoming standard wide-track axles to facilitate increased maneuverability;
  • Standard dual power-steering gears engineered to require less steering effort (for front axles 14,600 lb. and higher);
  • Standard Whisper Cab sound insulation package to facilitate a quieter cab environment; and
  • A new heavy-duty front bumper with tow pin (to haul more than 80,000 lbs.) or tow hooks (to haul less than 80,000 lbs.).

The PayStar 5900i SBA’s cooling package was created for stationary high-horsepower applications. International says the aerodynamic grille, outside air cleaners and the cooling package allows it to cool up to 625 horsepower in a stationary application; it also is available as a tractor, suited for many mainstream vocational dump tractor applications.
International Truck and Engine Corp.

Front loader line
Heil Environmental’s latest addition to its family of Half/Pack front loaders is also the smallest: a 20-cubic-yard Half/Pack on a single-axle chassis with a tag axle. A standard 28-cubic-yard Half/Pack front loader has a wheelbase of 210 inches, while the 20-yarder’s wheelbase is 185 inches. The smaller unit retains the 12-cubic-yard hopper, curved body, clamp-on arms and interlaced subframe of the larger models. It is a full-eject unit with a flat tailgate featuring Heil’s proprietary Shur-Lock hydraulic tailgate lock system, which is designed to allow the vehicle operator to unlock the tailgate, discharge the load and then secure the tailgate, all without leaving the vehicle cab. The 20-cubic-yard Half/Pack is more maneuverable and gentler on city streets than larger refuse collection vehicles, Heil says; local ordinances of some cities forbid the use of tandem-axle vehicles in order to reduce wear on the streets. Heil Half/Pack front loaders also are available as 23-, 28- and 32-cubic-yard models.
Heil Environmental

Wide-base for on-/off-highway
Toyo says it designed a 425/65R22.5 size for its M320 wide-base super single tire for tough on-/off-highway use in applications such as dump trucks, concrete mixers and refuse trucks. The M320 features large tread blocks with functional sipes and three wide zigzag grooves designed to improve traction both off the road and on the streets. The tire has a long life due to an optimized casing profile designed to minimize growth of the tread area while maintaining a more uniform and flatter tread radius during its service life, according to the company. A cap base tread compound helps to prevent the concentration of stress in a single area, effectively reducing excessive heat buildup during operation, Toyo says. In addition to the 425/65R22.5 size, the retreadable M320 also is available as a wide-base super single in a 385/65R22.5 size. Conventional sizes of the tire include an 11R22.5, 12R22.5, 315/80R22.5 and an 11R24.5 for a variety of fitments that require both traction and durability.

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Parallelogram lifts
Many fleets have dedicated parallelogram lifts to minimize downtime during preventive maintenance inspection activities. Because many fleets also use parallelogram lifts in wash bays, Rotary Lift says it has upgraded the finishes used on its lifts to make them more resistant to the chemicals used in the cleaners, as well as the road de-icers that rinse off vehicles in colder climates. Rotary Lift parallelogram lifts now feature a galvanized base coat used on highway guardrails to help prevent rust from shortening the lifts’ service life. Rotary also has a proprietary clear floor design to help provide access under the truck from both ends as well as the sides of the lift; this enables technicians to easily wheel toolboxes and equipment under the vehicle from either side, rather than having to walk all the way to the end of the vehicle and back, the company says.

Rotary Lift parallelogram lifts include standard proprietary mechanical locks, wheel chocks and a full-length safety strip. The company says the PLC power unit can be programmed with multiple height presets to quickly raise different sizes of vehicles to the proper height; the unit also monitors all functions 40 times per second and alerts users to any issues. Optional rolling jacks can be added to allow the front, rear or all wheels to be lifted off the runways for brake, tire, alignment and suspension work. Other optional features include built-in lights and disconnects for compressed air at the front and rear of the lift, as well as a drive-through ramp kit. Rotary offers three installation configurations for its parallelogram lifts: flush mount, surface mount and surface in recessed mount. Lift capacity ranges from 25,000 to 130,000 pounds.
Rotary Lift

Demanding liftgate
Waltco Truck Equipment Co. designed its Waltco Direct Lift (WDL) Extra Tough (XT) rail-type liftgate for the most demanding applications. The Waltco WDL-XT is available in four weight capacities – 3,500, 4,500, 5,500 and 6,500 pounds – and in both steel and aluminum platforms. Waltco says the WDL-XT has a number of design features for enhanced performance and reliability, ease of use and reduced maintenance. According to the company, closed-circuit, volume-balanced lift cylinders ensure an even lift under any loading condition, without the use of a flow divider valve; and the self-bleeding lift cylinders, which are matched to gate capacity, also help reduce installation time. All wiring and connections feature a plug-and-play design, Waltco says. The hydraulic system, which incorporates a thermally protected power unit, is designed to maximize the fluid flow rate, enhancing the liftgate’s operational performance while minimizing amperage draw requirements.

Other standard features, according to the company, include hardened steel rollers mounted on tapered roller bearings that minimize friction and drag and improve overall performance of the lift; sealed roller bearings to reduce contamination and extend bearing life; a gravity- and spring-actuated Positive Transit Mechanism (PTM), which is automatically released when the gate is lowered; and pneumatically assisted deck opening. Lower columns are reinforced with a one-inch steel wrap to help reduce the potential of damage caused by backing into loading docks, while LED lights are fully recessed to help reduce the potential for both damage and theft. Hinged covers on the columns are designed to make it easier to access key components for service and maintenance. To minimize wear and tear, the operating switches are fully weather-sealed and protected, while the wiring harness is designed to stay completely stationary when the liftgate is in operation.
Waltco Truck Equipment Co.

Battery-powered chassis mover
Appleton Manufacturing Division says its Roll Mover is suited for safely moving large chassis or heavy vehicles during and after manufacturing. Portable and tether-free, the battery-powered Roll Mover is designed to allow a single operator to easily move the heaviest rollable loads without tangled air hoses snaking across the shop floor, a common problem when using pneumatic movers. Workers can increase productivity while freeing up tow motors and forklift operators for more demanding tasks, according to Appleton, and the convenience of a battery-powered mover helps decrease worker injuries that can result when attempting to push heavy loads by hand. A toggle handle with variable-speed throttle facilitates operating efficiency, while a rugged gearbox is designed to turn industrial-grade drive rollers that can push and maneuver any large product on wheels. An easy-change quick-charge battery, combined with overall rugged construction, provides for extended use in demanding work environments, the company says.
Appleton Manufacturing Division

Glow plugs
The North American Aftermarket business of BorgWarner Turbo & Emissions Systems has introduced glow plugs for diesel-powered light-duty vehicles. BorgWarner glow plugs are designed to enable an instant, safe cold start of the diesel engine, from zero to takeoff within seconds, even in extremely low temperatures. The glow plug’s heating coil is precisely placed in the unit, and the heating rod tip is filled with magnesium, both to facilitate dependable performance. And because they are engineered to bring a diesel engine to its operating temperature fast, there is less wear and tear, resulting in lower maintenance costs, according to BorgWarner.
BorgWarner Turbo & Emissions Systems

LED arrow turn signal lamp
Grote Industries says its LED arrow turn signal lamp provides a large, bright amber signal that gives drivers of vehicles following tankers and other trailers crucial extra time to notice them making a turn. Because the lamp is a long-lasting, shock-resistant LED, it stands up to the jolting punishment of long over-the-road hauling, as well as the beating that shorter-distance trips deliver as the vehicle bumps over bad roads, according to the company. The lamp’s Grote Performance LED technology, advanced optics and a permanently sealed circuit board all are designed to increase the life of the lamp over comparable incandescent products. Grote says the lamp is constructed with LEDs rated to last 100,000 hours, compared to 500 hours for a more fragile incandescent lamp bulb.
Grote Industries

Multiple-color auxiliary lamps
Truck-Lite has expanded its line of 33 Series products, offering high- and low-intensity auxiliary lamps in six different colors. As auxiliary lamps, the 33 Series of lamps are not required to meet any output standards, but are designed for creative and appearance applications. The lamps – which are about the size of a penny and require a standard 3/4-inch drill for mounting both the grommet or flange versions – are so small that they can be carried into protective extrusions or mounted below mechanical features, unlike larger traditional-style lights. The company says the expanded 33 Series offers a variety of applications, such as interior of cab, walkways, glove boxes, interior of trailers, bus applications and exterior auxiliary for show lighting if mounted on a separate switch. Products are offered in both standard- and high-intensity versions; the high-intensity line has been labeled Super 33’s, designed at .120 amps, whereas the standard line is called Model 33’s, drawing only .03 amps. The expansion offers colors in red, yellow, green, blue, purple and white, all in both high and low intensity.

Hot-water pressure-washer series
Landa describes its MHC series of hot-water pressure-washers as the most rugged, gasoline-powered, on-site cleaning machines on wheels. The company says this successor to its MVC and SUV series offers more quality, safety, ease of service, functionality and stability. All six models are powered by Honda and Subaru-Robin engines and range in flows from 2.7 to 3.5 gallons per minute and pressures from 2,400 to 3,500 pounds per square inch. Three models feature both electric and recoil start, and three feature Landa’s proprietary Super Duty Regulator, which is designed to allow the machine to operate without the need for a battery or a magneto system. Other standard features, according to the company, include its “lay down” horizontal coil, a fully welded 1/-inch square tube frame with an open cage design, a proprietary pump, 13-inch pneumatic tires, a 10-gallon fuel tank, and an easy-to-access battery box and end-mounted burner. Options include a float tank with high-pressure detergent injection, front swivel caster wheels, a lifting bracket, a hose reel kit and a trailer mounting kit that Landa says is easy to install.

Worklight won’t fall down
The Wobble Light from Petersen Brands is an industrial lighting unit designed for tradesmen seeking to replace tripod-mounted worklights that require time-consuming setup and can easily tip over and break. The 360-degree self-righting worklight weighs 27 pounds and sits on a rounded, counterweighted base designed to keep it upright. A polycarbonate dome and floating shock system help protect the bulb from jarring and strikes. Suited for use in many applications, a single-unit Wobble Light can illuminate areas from 20 to 110 feet in diameter, according to the company. A built-in handle is designed to allow users to drag the light from one place to another easily, and a separate power outlet built into the base allows users to plug in a power tool or daisy-chain several Wobble Lights together to illuminate a larger area.
Petersen Brands