Trans+Plus enhances Fleet Manager Professional Software

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Trans+Plus Systems Corp., a Canadian provider of transportation software technology, announced the integration of their Fleet Manager Professional software with SentinelFM from BSM Wireless. The integration offers increased value to the Trans+Plus TMS solution, Fleet Manager Professional, the company says.

Fleet Manager Professional is an intuitive, event based, trucking dispatch and freight brokerage software system for integrated fleet and logistics management. The integration offers cost efficient automated messaging, tracking and resource management.

The integration was implemented through BSM’s SentinelFM Third Party Integration Service (TPIS). The TPIS gathers highly accurate and timely information about a vehicle and then passes it along to the Trans+Plus Fleet Manager Professional software via their Communications Module.

“By integrating Fleet Manager Professional with SentinelFM from BSM Wireless, we feel that we can help our clients achieve their goals through increased automation, better asset control, and more cost effective communications,” says Vince Bull, business development manager for Trans+Plus.

SentinelFM uses GPS technology to pinpoint the location of a customer’s vehicles, and wireless data technology to communicate the information. The Trans+Plus Communications Module gathers the data and populates the relevant data fields within the Fleet Manager Professional software. From the software, information is readily available and accessible in real time enabling visual dispatching with map displays to view exact truck locations.

The integrated solution eliminates unnecessary calls to drivers and allows fleet managers to utilize assets better by visually locating the nearest vehicle for scheduling. Dispatch and management will have quick access to information at all times, the company says, and be able to send and receive messages with ease using two-way text messaging.