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Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co.’s 4000A flatbed

Lighter flatbed
Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co. says its 4000A flatbed, which features an aluminum/steel composite design, is both stronger and more durable than its 2000A flatbed while reducing tare weight by more than 400 pounds. Utilizing the 2000A one-piece plasma-cut main beam webs and 80,000-pound frame rating, the 4000A adds the increased strength of a newly designed 80,000-PSI high-tensile steel, hat-shaped main beam top flange, according to Utility. The 4000A features a Hendrickson narrow-hanger AANT 23k spread air-ride suspension, and the main beams are contoured at the rear to facilitate uniform axle loading. Utility says the 4000A was tested on the company’s own real-world test track to ensure reliability.
Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co.

Accessory light, temporary jobsite system
Petersen’s latest addition to its Piranha LED line is a 179 Series model that employs unique optics to create a stunning 3D tunnel effect when lighted, the company says. Both amber and red versions of the 3D LED are available. Designed for accessory use only, the light offers striking ways to illuminate and beautify such big-rig and custom trailer features as stainless-steel air cleaners, headache racks, bumpers, door panels and running boards, according to Petersen. With an operating range of 8 to 16 volts, the light mounts on 4-inch centers and allows either lead to connect to the hot wire. Existing bullet terminals can be plugged into .180 female connectors or removed for hard-wire connection.

The company says its 4Way String Light System provides temporary jobsite lighting, which often can be one of the most problematic issues facing general contractors and electricians alike. Unlike standard string lights that are linear in nature, time-consuming to set up and a mess to untangle, the 4Way System is designed to be easy to set up and take down, can be laid out in a grid pattern, and comes with a tangle-free storage case.

PSI-compatible hubcaps
SKF has added four PSI-compatible hubcaps to its wheel-end Scotseal product line. The hubcaps are designed to be compatible with the Meritor Tire Inflation System by Pressure Systems Incorporated, an automatic tire inflation system. The PSI insert is incorporated into the hubcap’s fusion-bonded window to facilitate a leak-proof characteristic, while dual side fill plugs help offer additional convenience. SKF says the hubcaps incorporate the same leak-proof technology currently built into its Scotseal TF hubcap product line. SKF TF hubcaps are manufactured of lightweight Dupont Zytel to help resist impact damage, extreme weather conditions, road salt and UV radiation or ozone, according to the company.

Brake upgrade kits for Ford F-250, F-350
Power Stop says it has combined a pair of Cragar Cross drilled and slotted rotors with its own Z36 Truck and Tow severe-duty brake pads for safer, quicker stops without brake pulsation. The rotors are designed to improve airflow, keeping the rotors cooler under severe braking conditions. Power Stop’s Z36 Truck and Tow pads are engineered to resist brake fade on 1/2-, 3/4- and 1-ton trucks and SUVs used for towing, hauling and general commercial purposes. The kits, now available for Ford F-250 and F-350 truck models, also are available with cryogenically treated rotors for longer-lasting brakes, the company says.
Power Stop

Fire suppression system
H3R Performance says its HalGuard Automatic Fire Suppression System – which features a “clean” extinguishing agent approved by the Environmental Protection Agency – provides around-the-clock protection for transport trailers, garages or repair shops. The system consists of a steel cylinder charged with a nontoxic, nonconductive and noncorrosive clean agent gas, capped with one of four thermally actuated heads; when the head detects an ambient temperature higher than its rating, the system activates to discharge the clean agent to flood the space with an inert and invisible gas, which extinguishes the fire, according to the company. The system is easy to install with common tools, as there is no piping or electrical power connection, H3R says. The cylinder is designed to mount securely to the ceiling frame of a trailer, or to the studs in a building; mounting hardware and instructions are included.

The fire suppression system comes in two sizes: The HG4500S contains 45 pounds of agent and protects a typical 24-foot-long trailer or 10-by-14-foot garage; while the HG5500S is filled with 55 pounds of agent and protects a typical 28-foot-long trailer or 10-by-22-foot garage.
H3R Performance

Enriched hand cleaner made for tough work
Gent-L-Kleen Products says its Soy Blast Conditioner Enriched Hand Cleaner is a soy-based, waterless, heavy-duty lotion hand cleaner designed for removing the toughest soils.

According to the company, fine-ground American pumice works with an environmentally friendly formula to provide fast, complete removal of grease, most inks, tar, asphalt, oils, lubricants, paints, industrial carbon and more. Soy Blast incorporates 10 skin care ingredients, including almond oil, soy oil, glycerin, aloe vera, wheat germ extract and vitamins A, C and E; it also contains an antimicrobial agent. The product is available in a 4,000-ml. refill tank for Gent-L-Kleen’s Dispenser-Mate 5000 Reservoir Dispensing System; it also can be used with an available pump-top dispenser.