myFreightWorld powers up 3PL in a Box

With an upgrade of its proprietary transportation management software as the centerpiece, myFreightWorld has powered up 3PL in a Box, a suite of services that aims to make life easier – and more profitable – for freight management companies.

The driving concept behind 3PL in a Box is to be a one-stop solution for all the needs of a logistics company. The face of 3PL in a Box is a simple but sophisticated dashboard branded to the customer’s company for maximum Web presence; users see, plan and control everything related to freight shipments. Concurrently, myFreightWorld’s customer service professionals provide enhanced support and troubleshooting.

“For the first time, we are packaging our full portfolio of services into 3PL in a Box, allowing startups to enter the business literally overnight and all our customers to develop their brands and improve customer service while saving significant costs,” says Mark Hebden, myFreightWorld’s chief operating officer.

3PL in a Box supports shipments within North America and offshore. It generates instant rate quotes and transit times based on myFreightWorld’s contracts with many LTL, truckload and other carriers and/or the customer’s own contracts. Shipments are tendered electronically, and bills of lading are generated automatically. 3PL in a Box includes a full portfolio of related services such as operations, customer service, reporting, back-office, RFP and marketing support.

Based in metropolitan Kansas City, Mo., myFreightWorld is privately held and supplies technology and expertise to logistics management companies. myFreightWorld’s core competencies include customizable Web applications and Web services in logistics, responsive outsourcing of administrative support, efficient RFP/RFQ bid management and, for carriers, service network development.