Odyssey batteries available in dual-purpose sizes

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EnerSys now offers Odyssey batteries in dual-purpose BCI Sizes Group 25 and Group 35 with the introduction of Models 25-PC1400 and 35-PC1400. Both are designed for automotive/light-truck and heavy-duty/fleet applications. Both models are 12-volt absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries that provide 1,400 cranking amps for five seconds at room temperature and a 100-minute reserve capacity.

As dual-purpose batteries, the Odyssey 25-PC1400 and 35-PC1400 batteries can function as cyclic and as starting, lighting and ignition (SLI) batteries, according to the company. Specifications include a CCA rating of 740 (Cold Start Performance S.A.E. J537 June 1982); nominal capacity of 60 Ah at the 20-hour rate of discharge; MCA, 850; dimensions: 9.46 inches (240.3mm) by 6.58 inches (167.1mm) by 8.69 inches (220.7mm); and 70 inch-pounds torque for terminal connection.

The Odyssey 25-PC1400 and 35-PC1400 batteries offer a sealed design (eliminating the need for an acid vent tube) and recycling of internal gas during operation and charging, which makes them safe for mounting inside passenger compartments and in any orientation except inverted, Enersys says. For more information, go to www.odysseybattery.com.