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Induction heating tool
Induction Innovations has expanded its Inductor line of commercial-grade induction heating tools, Inductor Pro, for the removal of glass and other parts bonded to vehicles. The company says its Inductor Pro Max 4, which operates on 120 volts, comes with a panel-mounted UL/CSA-listed GFI for user safety, inline connector for best strain relief, audible and visual power indicators, and an optional, sturdy all-welded cart for shop security. According to the company, the rugged powder-coated steel chassis has a storage compartment for all four high-performance Inductor attachments, including:

  • Glass Blaster: Removes bonded glass, SMC panels, metal bond adhesives and spray-on bedliners;
  • Fast-Off Pad: Removes stripes, vinyl graphics, body side moldings, sound pads, vapor barriers, stress-relieving sheet metal repairs and more;
  • Concentrator: Heats nuts, bolts and all types of hardware red-hot in seconds; and removes body caulking, seam sealers and hail dents with no additional attachment needed; and
  • Rosebud: Heats aluminum and heavier gauge steels up to /-inch thick.

Induction Innovations

Easier transmission removal
Kiene Diesel Accessories says its JackSack makes transmission removal easier and safer; just install the product on a transmission jack and raise the jack to meet the transmission, and secure the safety strap. According to the company, a durable “bean bag,” which has twin breadloaf-shaped bags, acts as a cradle, securely “hugging” and holding any size or shape transmission; the bag can be positioned on a transmission jack to fit a wide range of components. Each JackSack is filled with hard polyethylene beads and made of durable, ballistic nylon to withstand tough use, Kiene says; they will not absorb oil or get slippery, and they clean up easily. The large, slotted steel tray attaches easily to most transmission jacks in minutes with provided hardware, the company says, and angled sides keep the JackSacks and transmission solidly in place. A 2-inch-wide “load hugger” safety strap locks the transmission onto the jack, according to Kiene; it snaps into place quickly and ratchets down to firmly hold the transmission.
Kiene Diesel Accessories

Adjustable lift axle system
Hendrickson Auxiliary Axle Systems says its adjustable 20,000-pound-capacity Paralift steerable truck lift axle system combines frame width and ride height spacers with a slotted cross member, and is designed to enable aftermarket installers and body builders to stock one unit to meet a wide variety of truck configurations. The trailing arm beams feature a single-paddle z-beam configuration to facilitate additional efficiency; while zero-torsion trailing-arm bushings help eliminate bushing windup and allow for a single air spring configuration. Wheel cut has been increased from 18 degrees to more than 25 degrees to help improve maneuverability and tire wear, according to the company. And with a 1,465-pound system weight, the Paralift offers a 160-pound weight savings compared to the previous model. It features 12 inches of total travel with nine inches of lift in ride heights from nine to 13.5 inches, all in a 28-inch package space.
Hendrickson Auxiliary Axle Systems

Transmission stabilizer
Bar’s Products says its Rislone Transmission Stabilizer with Stop Slip contains a special blend of viscosity improvers, anti-wear friction modifiers and extreme pressure performance additives to solve most transmission problems. These additives work together to reduce rough shifting and friction, while eliminating slip, controlling temperature and repairing shudder, chatter and whining in all light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles, according to the company. The stabilizer is formulated to renew and stabilize the transmission fluid, restoring transmission performance and preventing costly transmission and transaxle repairs. It restores bands and clutches to stop slip, eliminate hesitation and reduce rough shifting, the company says; and it also stops fluid loss and reduces friction and wear to protect internal components, thereby lowering the operating temperature and helping to combat the top cause of transmission failure – heat.

Bar’s Products says the transmission stabilizer is compatible with all types of domestic and import transmission fluid, including petroleum and synthetic formulas; it works with any front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive transmission, including three-speed, four-speed, five-speed, electronic, overdrive, automatic or manual models. Use it to top off the system, or add a bottle when changing fluid, according to the company; one 32-ounce bottle treats 12 to 16 quarts.
Bar’s Products

One-way speed bump
New Pig Corp. has introduced the One Way Speed Bump to help direct traffic in parking lots and parking garages. Its design allows traffic to pass over it on one side, but restrict the flow of traffic on the other side, the company says. The Speed Bump’s tapered side is designed to allow traffic to pass easily one way, and its 2-inch upright barrier edge features a “Wrong Way” sign to deter traffic the other way. Its yellow color and reflective warning make it highly visible to motorists, according to New Pig, and its construction – 100 percent recycled wood and plastic – is made to resist dents, corrosion and cracking. The One Way Speed Bump can be joined with multiple units for desired size and is available with lag bolts or rebar spikes for concrete and/or asphalt installation.
New Pig Corp.

Step-well lighting
Grote Industries says its Step Well LED WhiteLight lamp provides a safer and better-lit vehicle entry point. The Step Well lamp, designed in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, improves visibility in floor lighting for buses and other vehicle step-well applications, the company says. The Step Well lamp, designed to be integrated easily into existing platforms, features a specially formulated thermal- and moisture-resistant potting cushioning and angled circuitry, both enclosed in a durable stainless-steel bezel with a polycarbonate lens.
Grote Industries

Stronger air filter
Baldwin Filters says its Channel Flow air filters feature a design that provides a stronger, more reliable filter. According to Baldwin, the key to the filter is the element; the flat and corrugated media – when formed into a round or racetrack media pack – is inherently strong, eliminating the need for the center tube and metal wrappers of a traditional air filter. This translates to a more environmentally friendly filter, the company says. Air enters an open channel on the inlet side and flows through the media, exiting through an adjacent open channel; contaminants remain trapped within the channels and won’t dislodge during servicing, according to Baldwin. The filter also features a durable frame, which encloses the media pack, the company says; the frame, which protects the media from damage during handling and prevents air from being drawn in through the sides of the filter, adds an extra element of protection for the engine. Baldwin also has incorporated a stronger media support to help provide protection from increases in differential pressure.
Baldwin Filters

Vehicle monitoring
Millennium Plus says its GPS-based Extra Edge Fleet Management system allows fleets to monitor their assets and shipments via the Internet from a computer or cell phone.

Millennium Plus grants access to every stop drivers made on their route, how long they were at their destination, and the time they arrived, the company says. Such features as Starts and Stops, locations, routes taken, vehicle history and vehicle speed are designed to deliver answers within seconds to such questions as “Where?” “Which direction?” “When?” “At what speed?” and “Why?”
Millennium Plus

Sideview camera
Safety Vision, a provider of mobile digital video solutions, says its rugged SV-622 Series sideview collision avoidance camera helps increase driver safety and prevent accidents by providing a better view along the right or left side of a vehicle. An aerodynamic flush-mount design helps make the SV-622 Series compact, unobtrusive and versatile for multiple mounting possibilities. Adjustable pan/tilt installation allows the camera to be positioned manually to any desired angle and need, and its weather-resistant housing helps it withstand extreme driving conditions. According to the company, the SV-622 Series has an extra-wide field of view of 120 degrees, enabling the driver to see across multiple lanes without losing sight of the vehicle body, and also allowing for optimum visibility even in difficult conditions. Other features include infrared technology, a built-in microphone, automatic sensors and an integrated auto iris.
Safety Vision

Check leaks anywhere
Tracer Products says its Cobra-4 and Cobra-6 multipurpose borescopes feature interchangeable blue- and white-light LED flashlights that enable technicians to inspect and leak-check hard-to-see components such as pistons, intake valves, A/C evaporators, fuel systems, radiators and EVAP systems without expensive disassembly. The blue-light LED flashlight is suited for fluorescent leak detection and detecting surface flaws, while the white-light LED flashlight facilitates improved component inspection. A press-fit coupler is designed to allow quick, easy attachment of the flashlights to the borescope. The TP-9356 Cobra-6 has an ultra-thin 6mm 38-inch shaft, while the TP-9354 Cobra-4 has an even thinner 4mm 36-inch shaft to inspect smaller orifices. Included with both scopes is a clip-on angled inspection mirror. Three AA alkaline batteries (included) power each flashlight. Fluorescence-enhancing glasses, for use with the blue-light flashlight and fluorescent leak detection dyes, also are included; dyes are sold separately. All components are packed in a plastic carrying case with a foam insert.
Tracer Products

Smaller adjustable wrench
Channellock says the latest addition to its Code Blue product line – the WideAzz 6-inch adjustable wrench (6WCB) – offers the same increased jaw capacity, comfort and durability of its original 8-inch model in a more compact, easy-to-carry tool, making it suitable for handling big jobs in tight spaces. According to Channellock, the 6-inch WideAzz features:

  • Tapered jaw profile and shorter handle length for greater access in tight spaces;
  • Wider jaw span to support larger nuts, bolts, pipes, etc.;
  • Longer individual jaws that grip better, avoiding slippage or round-off;
  • Lighter weight than traditional adjustable wrenches;
  • Chrome vanadium steel composition for strength and corrosion resistance;
  • Smoother adjustment using a precision-engineered 4-thread adjustment knurl; and
  • Code Blue grips that deliver increased comfort and durability.


Copper lugs
Del City says its standard copper lugs provide a superior mechanical connection and are suited for truck, trailer, automotive, agricultural and RV applications. The copper lugs -commonly used with power distribution products, hi-amp circuit breakers, battery disconnects and customized starter cables – are designed to be easily and quickly crimped or soldered
for a flawless connection in any large-gauge hi-amp application. Del City says the copper lugs – which are recognized by both UL and CSA, meeting the requirements of both U.S. and Canadian specifications – are available in a variety of stud and gauge sizes.
Del City

Wheel-centering for Ford, GM trucks
Tru-Balance Wheel Centering Products says it has added products for the Ford Super Duty F-450 and F-550 and GMC/GM 4500 and 5500, including reusable centering pin tools and external centering sleeves. Tru-Balance is a line of wheel-centering products designed to eliminate vibration and erratic tire wear by bypassing the hub pilot. In hub-piloted wheels, gravity causes the wheel to rest only on the upper pilots, creating a gap in the bottom pilots; the smallest gap can result in an egg-shaped motion upon rotation that can create tire hop and vibration, increased fuel consumption and erratic tire wear. Tru-Balance says its products center the wheel and eliminate uneven motion, resulting in a smooth
ride, increased tire life and increased fuel mileage.

Drilled rotors, brake pads
Power Stop now carries a line of drilled rotors and brake pads for the following trucks:

  • 2005-07 Ford F-250 4WD Super Duty, front and rear;
  • 2005-07 Ford F-350, F-450 4WD Super Duty, front; and
  • 2005-07 Chevrolet Silverado 2WD with rear drums.

Power Stop