Thermo King offers remote status light displays

Thermo King launched three new remote status light displays for reefer-equipped trailers, allowing drivers to easily check the status, temperature and fuel level of reefer units with a glance in their rearview mirrors. The displays are available in three configurations: status, status/fuel level and status/fuel level/temperature readout. Each display helps avoid expensive out-of-fuel shutdowns.

Each display uses high-visibility LED lights and has an auto dimming feature for night driving. The displays are compatible with all Thermo King SB trailer units with SR-2 controllers. (The basic Status Light works with any controller.)

In other news, Thermo King announced that Rockwall, Texas-based Texas Star Express is offering owner-operators a 36-month truck leasing package that includes a used tractor retrofitted with a Thermo King TriPac hybrid auxiliary idle reduction and temperature management system. Currently, the company operates 300 company-owned trucks and uses 105 owner-operators but is working toward a 50-50 split.