Trucking CIO Ben Becker invents temperature monitoring system

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On a recent Monday morning, Ben Becker, chief information officer for Carmel, Ind.-based TradeWinds, a truckload carrier, walked into work. When he stepped in front of the server room door, he noticed a strange noise coming from the room.

“It sounded like a high pitch jet engine sound,” Becker says. “I proceeded to open the door and a blast of hot air came barreling out at me. The A/C had gone out overnight and the server room was approaching 100 degrees. Not a good way to start the week off.”

Becker decided it was time to install a temperature monitoring system into the server room. After doing some Googling, Becker says that most systems were very expensive and had more functionality than what he needed. So he decided to build his own solution and make it available to other companies for under $100.

“I realized that this was a tool that would not only benefit me at Tradewinds, but also many other businesses that have the same need