J.J. Keller introduces two new Master Driver training programs

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J.J. Keller & Associates has introduced Pattern Driving and Rear End Collisions, two Master Driver programs designed to give veteran and rookie drivers the knowledge and motivation to stop bad driving habits and resist dangerous pattern-driving behavior.

Master Driver: Pattern Driving is designed to provide strategies to help keep drivers alert and aware while behind the wheel. Keller says the program addresses ways drivers can resist highway hypnosis, everyday complacency and other dangerous pattern-driving behaviors; it also helps drivers avoid hazardous situations that can occur when coming out of a pattern-driving daze.

Master Driver: Rear End Collisions is designed to help drivers recognize and change unsafe behaviors that can lead to costly crashes. According to Keller, it stresses the importance of maintaining a safe following distance, practicing good visual scanning techniques, avoiding in-the-cab distractions and having a safety attitude.

At the core of each program is a 19-minute closed-captioned video that Keller says presents key information enhanced by dramatic footage, dynamic graphics, real-world sound effects, music and candid “Road Wise” commentary from industry professionals. It also opens and closes with a “Hazard Perception Challenge” scenario in which drivers are challenged to spot danger and answer “what-did-you-see?” and “what-would-you-do-next?” questions.

Along with the video, the program includes a trainer bulletin that provides background information, training tips, quiz and handout exercise for drivers, and 11 driver skill cards that reinforce the video’s message and provide receipts to document training.

J.J. Keller’s Pattern Driving and Rear End Collisions are available as a 2-pack on DVD (914-DVD) for $265, or VHS (914-VT) for $239. The programs are available separately for $155 (DVD) and $139 (VHS). The DVD format includes a special “Message for Management,” additional commentary from industry veterans, an interactive quiz with correct/incorrect remediation, three more topic-specific “Hazard Perception Challenge” scenarios, and a review of key points from the main program.

For more information, go to www.jjkeller.com.