GE upgrades asset-tracking services

At the Truckload Carriers Association meeting in Nassau, Bahamas, on Sunday, March 2, GE Trailer Fleet Services announced new upgrades to its VeriWise product and its Premier Services customer portal.

GE is developing two new upgrades for its VeriWise Trucking system:

  • Tractor ID is an application for GE’s satellite reporting system that compliments the existing capability on GE’s cellular-based product and identifies the tractor hooked to a trailer. This capability alerts customers within minutes if their trailers have been connected to an unauthorized or unknown tractor.
  • GPS Mileage is a “virtual hubometer” device that uses the GPS capabilities of the tracking unit to accumulate mileage in small increments. The information captured will provide mileage for maintenance and billing operations along with other operational benefits, the company says.
  • The company said it will continue to invest more than $1 million in 2008 to develop new reporting tools to help customers manage their trailer rental fleets through the customer portal. The self-service website, located at, allows customers to manage their trailer rental, lease and maintenance transactions around the clock. During 2008, GE intends to add more detailed customer summary reports, maintenance reporting and convenience features, such as being able to print all invoices at one time.

    “With companies looking hard for increased productivity across the board, our site offers convenience, speed and ever-increasing capabilities,” said Joe Artuso, chief executive officer of Trailer Fleet Services. “Even cash flow can be managed more tightly with our early online notification of damage or routine maintenance billing. Customers can also see when a trailer’s FHWA inspection is coming due.”

    For those interested in buying used equipment, GE’s website also allows visitors to view the company’s entire trailer sales inventory, refreshed nightly and including more than 20,000 assets available for pickup from 90 branches across the United States and Canada. Buyers may narrow their search by branch location and specify up to five different trailer categories, including vans and flatbeds. Users may refine their search further by up to 11 other specifications, including length, suspension and construction.

    Tracking functionality was added to in 2003 for GE’s VeriWise Trucking Asset intelligence product, and more recently pre-invoices for maintenance billing and invoices past, present and future can be reviewed, disputed and printed on demand.