Rotary introduces retrofit lift for upgrading inground units

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Rotary Lift says its Retrofit 60 inground lift enables fleets to replace their failing heavy-duty inground lifts with new high-capacity models using their existing pits. Old traditional-style inground lifts were installed with the rear piston unprotected in the ground, and the front piston located in a concrete vault/pit. To replace these lifts with many modern inground lifts, the existing pits must be demolished and replaced with new concrete.

The Rotary Lift Retrofit 60, however, is designed for installation in the existing vault, and to increase the Retrofit 60’s life, the rear piston is installed in its own containment housing, which helps protects the piston from corrosion and electrolysis. The front piston is located in the concrete vault.

While most old inground lifts have a load capacity of 36,000 pounds, Rotary Lift says the Retrofit 60 can lift up to 60,000 pounds. Also, since the Retrofit 60’s front superstructure fully retracts, the lift can accommodate lower-profile vehicles that have limited ground clearance, including vehicles with snowplows and those using Super Single tires, according to the company.

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