Qualcomm warms up to reefer management

Qualcomm, a provider of business-to-business wireless enterprise applications and services, has announced the availability of the Untethered Asset Management service for refrigerated trailers. As part of the OmniVision Transportation suite of services, the reefer service is designed to allow customers to remotely monitor load, temperature and health status of reefers; help reduce rejected loads; and save costs by eliminating the need to manually monitor and track fuel levels, the temperature and health of trailers and more.

In addition, the service helps to reduce cargo claims by providing better load recovery opportunities, the company says. Optional door sensors help prevent theft by sending alerts to dispatchers when a trailer or container’s doors are opened or closed. If a theft does occur, GPS tracking can pinpoint the location of the equipment, regardless of whether it is attached to a truck or parked in a yard. Door sensors also can be used to help prove reefer loads have not experienced tampering, the company says.

“We are committed to developing products and services that meet the needs of all of our customers,” says Norm Ellis, vice president and general manager of transportation for Qualcomm Enterprise Services. “The Untethered Asset Management service for refrigerated trailers is designed for carriers who need to provide accurate refrigerated trailer-tracking services to their customers.”

Although an in-cab communication service is not required to use the Untethered Asset Management service, customers derive even more value when using the service with in-cab hardware, which enables drivers to be aware of alerts immediately, the company says.