Get a grip on forklift safety

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ForkGrips are designed to improve forklift safety by keeping truck drivers and other employees away from danger and safely off the truck when unloading. Allowing workers to remain on the ground, away from the forklift and truck, helps reduce the risk of falls and forklift accidents.

ForkGrips are made to allow cargo to be dragged closer to the edge of the truck by using just the tips of the forks, without the cargo slipping off; there is no employee involvement, and no need to climb onto the truck to push, pull or chain the cargo because the forklift is able to reach safely under the load to remove it from the truck.

ForkGrips are placed around the ends of the forks when needed and fit all standard forks up to six inches wide, the company says; the product also helps eliminate damage to the product caused by chains and pallet pullers. ForkGrips can be stored conveniently next to the forklift driver or with the truck driver.

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