Intelek releases StripMiner Screen Scraper

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Intelek Technologies, a software development company, recently released StripMiner Screen Scraper software. The hosted software service can be used by trucking companies and freight carriers to obtain load shipments from online sources by completely automating the acceptance process, the company says.

The final release of StripMiner Screen Scraper hosted services increases efficiency and reduces carrier costs and data-entry errors, the company says; trucking companies using StripMiner will be able to operate more efficiently on shrinking margins and quickly locate shipments that are more profitable.

More carriers are turning to loads posted online by manufacturers and online load brokers. StripMiner Screen Scraper software is programmed to automatically watch a carrier’s trading partner website for loads that meet predefined business rules; these business rules can be simple or very complex. The carrier works with Intelek to ensure the business rules will match loads that the carrier wants — and ignore those loads that do not.

Matching loads then are automatically accepted on behalf of the carrier, and the shipment data is passed directly into the carrier’s dispatch computer systems. The level of automation, data conversion and integration with existing trucking protocols never has been accomplished before, the company says. The StripMiner Screen Scraper service works with any dispatch system that can handle EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) translation.

Until now, trucking companies have had to rely on employees to research, locate and accept loads from online sources; this process has depended on the dedicated work of employees already taxed by high workloads. Mistakes made during data entry cause additional workload, creating a mountain of maintenance work, further complicating the process.

“StripMiner performs all day, every day,” says Gary Hopkins, president and chief executive officer of Norman, Okla.-based Intelek Technologies. “It never takes a day off and is truly a ‘hands-off operation.’ You set it up, and StripMiner goes out and finds new loads for you to help grow your business. It will help carriers get extra loads every day, and that really adds up over a year.”

By automating the online load tendering process with StripMiner, carriers can reduce employee costs, redirect employees to more profitable tasks, eliminate data entry errors and immediately claim online loads to be more competitive, according to Intelek. More information about StripMiner Screen Scraper software can be found at