VIS-Polish now works with more wheel sizes

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Vehicle Inspection Systems announced at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky., that its VIS-Polish automated wheel polishing machine — which produces a deeper longer-lasting polish and is faster than manual polishing — has been modified to allow for a wider array of wheel sizes.

The system now can be used on a variety of wheel sizes from 19.5 inches to wide base steer, the company says; software changes allow the robot, which works via sensors, to recognize the type of rim being placed in the machine.

According to VIS-Polish, the system can be used with either the tire on or off the wheel; the wheel is rolled on to the machine, and an abrasive disc and sanding wheel is activated via the operator touch pad. The operator can walk away while the system removes oxidation, pits and scratches, the company says.

Next, a buff head and polishing compound are installed, and the wheel is polished automatically, according to the company; the operator can decide whether to simply polish wheels to improve their appearance; to polish and shine wheels to remove minor pitting; or to sand, polish and shine to rejuvenate tired wheels.

In addition to the cosmetic benefits, VIS-Polish also has a safety benefit, the company says; after the first pass of the machine, the wheels can be inspected for cracks.