Haldex makes headlines at MATS

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Haldex Commercial Vehicle Systems (www.haldex.com) – a Kansas City, Mo.-based manufacturer and distributor of heavy-duty air brake and suspension control system components – had plenty of news to share at the recent Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky.:

  • Heil Trailer North America has chosen Haldex Trailer Roll Stability as standard on its trailers beginning this summer. Heil Trailer International is the world’s largest manufacturer of tank trailers for the transport of petroleum, dry bulk commodities and specialty products, and is headquartered in Chattanooga, Tenn. Haldex says its TRS system, built on its newest 4S/2M ABS platform, provides the next generation of high-performance braking, along with roll stability safety technology. TRS is designed for one to three or more axle trailers using an air suspension; the system delivers superior braking performance by adjusting for the trailer conditions during normal and ABS braking events, as well as to intervene with active braking if conditions indicate a rollover is imminent.
  • MAC Trailer Manufacturing of Alliance, Ohio, has chosen Haldex ABS as standard equipment on its trailers. MAC Trailer is a provider within the specialty trailer market, manufacturing aluminum and steel truck bodies and dump, flatbed and transfer trailers.
  • Haldex introduced its ILAS III valve, an integrated lift axle system designed for lowering and lifting one or more axles depending on the load applied to the vehicle. Both fully automatic and manual lift versions of the valve include 3/8-inch push to connect fittings installed in the valve body. The integrated connections eliminate multiple fittings and assembly time needed with conventional systems, the company says; each valve also is adjustable to respond specifically to needed applications.
  • Haldex says its new ModulAir advances the air management and distribution function within vehicle air systems by combining air treatment, intelligent control and distribution within one modular platform. By reducing the number of components into an integrated air management system, the ModulAir reduces system size and weight, extends life, lowers maintenance and minimizes failure points for heavy-duty truck and bus applications, according to the company. The new modularly-designed ModulAir provides a new family of products to meet the needs of various global applications; in its most basic form, it is a mechanical air dryer.
  • Haldex introduced its “all-inclusive” antilock braking system replacement kit, which it says has all of the necessary parts needed to replace an outdated ABS system quickly and easily. The kits contain a variety of component levels, from the basic ABS system items to an all-inclusive kit with all of the components needed to save time and money while reducing inventory, the company says.
  • Haldex introduced its Trailer Brake Control Valve, which it says is the first spring brake control valve on the market that provides all the advantages Engineering Grade Composite material offers to combat the destructive effects of magnesium chloride and other corrosive elements found in the harsh environment in which today’s equipment must survive. The valve, which provides the spring brake control function required for FMVSS-121 compliant trailers, is mounted on the trailer reservoir and reacts to a signal from the trailer supply line to charge the tank and to control the spring brake section of double-diaphragm spring brakes to provide parking and emergency braking.
  • The ModulX DB22LT disc brake now is available on axles from IMT, a provider to the truck-trailer, OEM and defense industries. Haldex says the ModulX air disc brake slides on four stainless-steel slide pins, providing a more compact, stable design than the standard two-pin design. The stainless-steel pins help increase corrosion resistance and require no lubrication, while two tappets equally distribute brake pad clamping force to facilitate even wear. DB22LT is an optimized disc brake design engineered for common heavy-duty applications, to outperform standard S-cam drum brakes and to save about 18 pounds per brake over previous ModulX versions. According to Haldex, ModulX is less sensitive to speed and temperature variations common in demanding grade or braking applications.