Tuthill drive axle designed for both on-, off-highway

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Tuthill Drive Systems says its Ez Trac steerable, hydraulic drive axle is designed for trucks that require both on- and off-highway capabilities, and can be retrofitted as well as installed on new equipment. Its installation does not alter the truck’s ride height, maintaining the existing steering angles and suspension, according to the company; installation takes about one-third of the time required for mechanical axles to be installed.

EZ Trac’s weight advantage allows trucks to carry heavier payloads, Tuthill says, and it offers superior handling by controlling the amount of power that is brought to the front wheels, compared to mechanical axles that control power to the whole truck. Also, unlike mechanical systems that require stopping the vehicle before engaging or disengaging, EZ Trac can be engaged and disengaged “on the go” with the use of a cab-mounted switch, according to the company.

EZ Trac is designed for Class 6, 7 and 8 heavy-duty vehicles that are utilized for on- and off-highway applications, such as utility, construction, mining, logging, excavating and agriculture, as well as traditional fleet vehicles. The axle also is suited for vehicles that face challenging weather and road conditions or steep terrain.

For more information, go to www.tuthill.com.