Peterbilt exhibits new technologies at Truck World

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Peterbilt Motors Co. on Monday, April 14, showcased its heavy-duty hybrid and Paccar engine technology at the Truck World show in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Peterbilt displayed its heavy-duty hybrid-electric Model 386, configured for on-highway use. The vehicle is being developed in conjunction with Eaton and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and is expected to be available in 2010. Wal-Mart is supporting development by helping validate the concept and refine the final design.

“Peterbilt and Paccar Inc. are leaders in developing solutions that help customers improve fuel economy through superior aerodynamic designs and advanced technologies,” says Bill Jackson, general manager of Denton, Texas-based Peterbilt and vice president of Paccar. “We continue to design products, improve processes and develop technologies that are environmentally responsible. As we refine our heavy-duty hybrid platform for future production, we are fortunate to have Eaton and Wal-Mart as partners to help develop the best possible vehicle system for both customers and the environment.”

The heavy-duty hybrid-electric power system features an automated manual transmission with a parallel-type “direct” hybrid system, incorporating an electric motor/generator. The system captures energy generated by the diesel engine and recovers energy normally lost during braking and stores the energy in batteries, Peterbilt says; that electric torque then is sent through the motor/generator and blended with engine torque to improve vehicle performance, operate the engine in a more fuel-efficient range for a given speed and/or operate only with electric power.

Additionally, Peterbilt exhibited its innovative and environmentally friendly engine technology for both medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. Products on display equipped with proprietary Paccar engine technology were the Peterbilt Model 325 equipped with the Paccar PX-6, and a test-evaluation Peterbilt Model 384 equipped with the Paccar MX 12.9 liter engine.

The Paccar PX-6 engine produces up to 325 horsepower and a torque rating of 750 ft-lbs. The PX-6 engine currently is available on Peterbilt medium-duty cabover Models 210 and 220, as well as conventional Models 325 and 330. The Paccar MX 12.9 liter engine is displayed in the test-evaluation Model 384; this truck, along with a fleet of Peterbilt vehicles, currently is undergoing extensive testing and evaluation at the Paccar Technical Center in Mount Vernon, Wash., along with extensive on-road customer evaluation.