SCI Distribution launches WebFleetLog

SCI Distribution ( has launched WebFleetLog, a Web-based fuel and fleet management application designed to allow fleet managers to monitor fuel usage, track vehicle locations and view dozens of categories of vehicle and driver performance data in real time from any Web-connected computer or PDA device.

The 24/7 fleet management system incorporates the company’s FleetLog GPS offline/online vehicle tracking system and new 802.11g/WiFi-enabled RF Fuel wireless monitoring system designed to prevent unauthorized and inappropriate use of fuel at the company fuel pump.

“SCI is the only company that has combined both fuel management and fleet management on a single Web application to enable managers and executives to easily monitor and control fuel usage and fleet activity from virtually anywhere,” says Tal Ezra, president of SCI Distribution.

In addition to providing 24/7 access to every phase of fleet activity, Ezra says SCI’s WebFleetLog fleet and fuel management system also can notify managers proactively when driver performance, engine performance and vehicle fuel efficiency fall away from one or more predetermined parameters.

“Not only does the new wireless RF Fuel control system offer customers a very quick and economical alternative for retrofitting existing pumps, the 802.11g standard allows each pump control unit to be programmed and maintained online from SCI’s service center,” Ezra says. “In most cases, system maintenance and repairs can be done by remote online access without sending a technician to the site, saving time and money.”