McLeod Software announces LoadMaster V9.0

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McLeod Software — a provider of dispatch, accounting and enterprise management solutions for trucking and brokerage firms — announced today, April 16, the availability of LoadMaster V9.0. The planned next-generation release of this widely used software solution provides new time-saving and data-access enhancements that will improve the ability to manage trucking fleets, the company says.

“This upgrade was designed to give our customers the ability to do more with less,” says Tom McLeod, president and founder of Birmingham, Ala.-based McLeod Software. “It’s always important to run your operations as efficiently as possible, but with the current economy, it becomes even more critical. Version 9.0 adds new features and benefits that make the job easier and faster for every employee using our LoadMaster system.”

According to the company, key components of the new LoadMaster release include:

  • An enhancement to the Customer and Order Entry screens to show actual Available Credit information, not just over or under the credit limit, so carriers can confirm the credit amount is sufficient;
  • Multiple enhancements to the ETA/Out-of-Route module to better manage late and out-of-route status based on user-defined controls; a new late status for assigning the reason (such as weather, traffic, accident) is coupled with new filtering capabilities by driver, route or dispatcher and a report of active late stops; includes changes to the ETA notifier to warn users based on the type of late status;
  • Order Planning and Driver Management screens now include ETA information along with confirmation on which drivers have received and acknowledged preassigned movements via mobile communications devices, saving planners and dispatchers valuable time;
  • A new Trailer Detention report to assist in negotiating rates or billing customers based on dropped days past the free-day limit; includes the ability to apply up to five daily rates once a trailer is detained past an allowed number of days;
  • The creation of a Top Driver Report based on revenue with multiple filters; and
  • New interfaces with the DriverFacts safety and accident reporting system and StarTrak’s ReeferTrak trailer tracking system.
  • Among the more than 100 improvements to LoadMaster, according to McLeod, is a new field in the customer record to indicate those who allow their freight to be brokered, and a new Accounts Payable feature allowing users to generate ACH payments directly to a vendor’s checking account.