Quad axle trailer bill moves forward in Colorado

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Legislation in Colorado that will allow quad axle trailers to transport divisible loads at higher weights than currently permitted on the non-Interstate highway system has passed the State Senate and has gone to Gov. Bill Ritter for signature.

HB 1257, which was supported by the Colorado Motor Carriers Association, was brought forward by the Dairy Farmers of America, a member of the association. Under the bill, a company can obtain an oversize/overweight permit for a quad axle trailer transporting a divisible load as long as the tractor-trailer does not exceed the state axle weight limits and also complies with the federal bridge formula.

In testimony on the bill, it was noted that the quad axle trailer actually will have less impact on highway pavements because of greater weight distribution over more axles, according to CMCA; another benefit is fewer truck trips, leading to less congestion and emissions in the state.