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Mack’s heavy-haul Titan
Mack Trucks debuted the Titan, which the company says is the most powerful truck in its 108-year history. The Titan is designed for heavy transport and heavy construction applications, including logging, oil fields, heavy equipment or severe heavy haul. The company now is accepting preorders, with deliveries scheduled to begin late this year.

“This new offering extends our tradition of application excellence, and follows in the Mack heritage of classic big-block long-hood high-GVWR trucks,” says Tom Kelly, vice president of marketing for Lehigh Valley, Pa.-based Mack.

The Titan is powered by the Mack MP10, an inline six-cylinder diesel engine certified to U.S. 2007 emissions standards, with single overhead cam and high-pressure fuel injection. It will be available in three ratings, with peak horsepower of 515, 565 and 605, all with MaxiCruise torque rise to provide enough power to pull heavy loads from a dead stop on a jobsite; maximum torque ranges from 1,860 lb-ft to 2,060 lb-ft at 1200 rpm. The MP10 engine is matched to the Mack T300ES series 10-, 13- and 18-speed transmissions; Eaton transmissions are an available option.

The Titan by Mack Cornerstone chassis is offered in three frame rail thicknesses – 8 mm, 9.5 mm and 11 mm – with optional full or partial 5mm inside channel reinforcements and application-specific crossmembers. Frames are rated at 120,000 PSI and 2.12 million RBM (lbs. in.) to 4.26 million RBM (lbs. in.). A short 41-inch front-axle position helps increase load capacity while providing added maneuverability in tight jobsite conditions. The combination of the Titan model’s front axle position and high ground clearance also gives drivers a better approach angle for the sharp inclines and uneven terrain frequently found in logging and construction, according to Mack. Front axles and suspensions are available from 12,000 to 20,000 lb. capacity, while rear axles and suspensions are offered from 38,000 lb. to 65,000 lb. capacity.

Titan’s interior is available in three trim levels: Pedigree, Champion and top-of-the-line Rawhide Edition. The cab features overhead storage bins and four-point lighting (two lights for general illumination, one map light and one task light over the steering wheel). Mack also has adopted several features to reduce cab noise and vibration.

The standard instrument cluster features large easy-to-read displays and gauges to help keep drivers focused on the road, while the standard Mack Co-Pilot display provides drivers with easily accessible screens in the instrument panel to monitor real-time fuel economy, with “sweet spot” indicator and trip data, detailed maintenance and fault summaries, and supplemental sensor readings. The available Lectronix T7000 navigational radio integrates entertainment, navigation and a “blind spot” camera display, as well as vehicle, trip and tire-pressure monitoring systems.

Pinnacle Rawhide
Rawhide isn’t just for Titan. Mack also introduced its Pinnacle Rawhide Edition, building on its Pinnacle Axle Forward model with an updated exterior and a new level of interior comfort. Target markets are fleets concerned about “driver recruitment and retention, as well as discerning owner-operators,” says Jerry Warmkessel, Mack Trucks marketing manager of highway products.

The truck is available in three cab configurations: 60- and 70-inch midrise sleepers, plus daycab. Features include a “Texas-style” chrome bumper, stainless-steel cab and sleeper skirts, forward-mounted dual 7-inch bullhorn exhaust stacks, a 13-inch stainless steel exterior sunvisor and four chrome air horns.

The interior has button-tuck Ultraleather and two-tone embroidered seats. The brushed nickel dash features Mack’s Co-Pilot driver display; the leather-grip steering wheel includes chromed spokes.
Mack Trucks

All-weather retread
The Michelin XDN2 Pre-Mold retread is designed as an all-weather drive retread and is optimized for exceptional traction and mileage. The retread features the company’s proprietary Matrix Siping Technology, designed to deliver outstanding winter and wet traction from more than 1,300 biting edges. The retread also is engineered with a two-layer compound; the top layer is designed for wear and traction, and the bottom layer is designed for maintaining cool internal casing temperatures for longer tread and casing life. The retread’s wide, open shoulder grooves are designed to deliver added traction without compromising tread life. The retread, intended for longhaul and regional use, currently is available in 220, 230 and 240 mm sizes.

Redesigned tire line
BFGoodrich Commercial Truck Tires introduced the ST244 steer tire and TR144 trailer tire to its redesigned line of commercial truck tires. The tires feature a sidewall design.

Along with the aesthetics, the ST244 tire features a five-rib four-groove tread design for added water evacuation; the tire also provides a decoupling groove designed to give the tire an enhanced ability to resist irregular wear. The more than 1,900 miniature sipes deliver excellent traction and combine with the decoupling groove in resisting irregular wear in the tread pattern, the company says. The ST244 tire’s casing possesses an all-steel construction for added retreadability. The ST244 tire is available in 11R22.5, 11R24.5, 275/80R22.5 and 275/80R24.5 sizes.

The TR144 tire showcases see-through grooves designed to improve wet traction and offers a five-rib design to help resist irregular wear on free rolling axles. The shoulder grooves are engineered to further improve resistance to irregular wear, while the all-steel casing construction provides added retreadability. The TR144 tire is available in 11R22.5, 11R24.5, 275/80R22.5 and 275/80R24.5 sizes.
BFGoodrich Commercial Truck Tires

Entry-level onboard scale
QuickLoad is an entry-level onboard scale from Air-Weigh, designed for dedicated tractor-trailer configurations and straight trucks. Up to four axle groups – including steer, drive and trailer axles – can be monitored on the compact in-dash display, the company says. The scale automatically calculates GVW and net payload, according to the company; steer axle weight, drive axle weight, trailer axle weight, gross vehicle weight and payload weight are displayed in the cab.

QuickLoad features warning and overweight alarms, dual-point calibration and easy installation, according to Air-Weigh. Several air and axle deflection sensor kits are available so that each scale can be tailored to a variety of configurations. By comparing empty and loaded axle group weights with empty and loaded suspension pressures, the scale can be calibrated to display accurate weights at any suspension load, the company says. QuickLoad is unaffected by altitude, temperature or humidity, while the PIN-protected digital electronic scale not only eliminates the cost of scale fees and overweight fines but also helps haulers of staged loads determine where to set the slider, the company says.

Auxiliary AC system for daycabs
Dometic Environmental Corp. introduced a battery-powered auxiliary air-conditioning system designed specifically for daycabs to reduce idling while waiting to load and unload at terminals. Based on Dometic’s proprietary split-system HVAC technology, the 7,000-BTU daycab AC system is designed to provide two hours of cooling without running the truck’s engine. It uses a bank of Group 31 absorbed glass mat batteries as its power source, the company says; since it emits no exhaust, it fully complies with California Air Resources Board regulations.

The Dometic AC system consists of a compressor/evaporator/blower unit that fits between the seats, and a ruggedized external condensing unit that mounts on the back of the cab or under the truck. The inside unit has a molded composite cover to help protect the unit from spills and to help provide additional noise abatement. The digital thermostat control panel is mounted on top of the unit to ease driver access. The inside and outside units are connected by reusable precharged refrigerant linesets with quick-connect fittings, which are designed to provide automatic charging to the correct pressures at hookup. No additional charging is needed, and no special tools are required for installation, according to the company.

The package includes a 2,000-watt inverter designed to convert 12-volt battery output to high-voltage AC power to run the air conditioner, and a high-capacity alternator with external regulator designed to charge the batteries quickly and keep them fully charged when the engine is running and the truck is moving. No additional batteries are needed for the system, but existing batteries will need to be AGM type, the company says.

Dometic also is offering a prewired battery box for its battery-powered CARB-compliant HVAC systems. The company says the minimum-footprint six-battery-position box stores the batteries and inverter stacked on two levels. The battery box has roughly the same dimensions as a typical APU, mounting easily on the side of the truck frame, according to Dometic. Designed to house Group 31 AGM batteries necessary to run the system, the box is prewired for the batteries as well as the system’s circuit breaker and inverter, helping to reduce installation times.
Dometic Environmental Corp.

Trailer nosebox
Phillips Industries says its i-Box trailer nosebox offers improved serviceability and reduced wiring complexity. The i-Box – which is 35 percent larger than conventional styles – now is available for retrofit or OEM installation and will handle the expanding electronic requirements of today’s trailers, such as antilock brakes, trailer tracking, onboard weigh systems and lighting, the company says. Among the other features of the iBox, according to Phillips, are:

  • A hinged lid and weatherproof design;
  • Circuit breakers that can be changed in seconds; and
  • Seven-way QCS Quick Connect Socket for easy replacement.

Additionally, Phillips says, the iBox houses the company’s Permalogic Trailer Dome Lamp Controller to automatically control trailer dome lamps, and also has room for flash memory to store trailer schematics and bills of material.

The iBox can be retrofitted to trailers in 30 minutes or less, Phillips says, and installation schematics are available online. It is compatible with a wide range of trailer models, such as dry vans, refrigerated and doubles, and nearly all trailer makes, according to the company.
Phillips Industries

Distribution blocks
Del City says its power distribution blocks – suited for use as buss bars in confined areas – are manufactured from reinforced plastic and feature two recessed mounting holes designed to minimize installation time and provide a clean look to the product. Del City offers the blocks in three different sizes, including larger models that can be used as a method of lengthening battery cables. The blocks are equipped with tin-plated copper lugs, brass lugs and standard lock washers to facilitate additional performance in conductivity and corrosion resistance.
Del City

Brake washer
Oil Eater says its professional brake washer allows users to clean brake parts without using electricity. The brake washer, which includes a cover that also functions as a catch basin, is designed for use on alignment and ramp lifts or on the floor, and also can be used as a portable parts washer. According to the company, features of the brake washer – made of industrial-grade HDPE plastic – include a heavy-duty air pump with adjustable regulator; flow-through brush with adjustable solution valve; dual filtration systems; and four swivel casters, two of which lock. Fluid capacity ranges from a minimum level of 8 gallons to a maximum level of 12 gallons. The basin is 20 inches wide, 24 inches long and 7 inches deep. Overall dimensions are 28 inches wide, 28 inches long and 41 inches high.

A one-gallon bottle of Oil Eater cleaner/degreaser is included. Oil Eater is nontoxic, noncorrosive, nonflammable and biodegradable, the company says.
Oil Eater

Radial run-out gauge
Tru-Balance says that with older radial run-out gauges, there were numerous adjustments that needed to be made to get an accurate reading, but with its simple-to-use gauge, there are only two. Radial run-out is an out-of-round condition in which the radius of the wheel or tire is not consistent from the wheel center to any point on the rim or the tread. Radial run-out is measured by placing a run-out gauge against a smooth section of the tread near the center of the tire and then rotating the wheel and tire by hand through one complete revolution. Tire and wheel radial run-out often are factors in troubleshooting ride and handling and in maintaining correct wheel balancing.
Tru-Balance Wheel Centering Products

Durable bearings for kingpins
DX10 with DuraStrong technology, a steel-backed bearing material from GGB, is designed specifically to extend the lifecycle of Class 7 and 8 heavy-duty truck kingpins. The company says the bearings function well in greased or oiled conditions with high loads, high temperatures and contamination, making them suitable for replacing rolling-element, bimetal or bronze bearings to improve wear performance. Produced using a proprietary polymer processing technology, the lead-free bearings feature abrasion-resistant DuraStrong sliding surfaces designed to withstand harsh environments, according to GGB; they also provide higher load capacity, greater heat resistance and better wear rates than conventional kingpin bearings, particularly in abrasive conditions. The company says the bearings also offer excellent chemical and erosion resistance, as well as good fatigue strength. DX10 is available as cylindrical bearings – with or without lubrication grooves, oil holes or lubrication pockets – as well as thrust washers. In addition to kingpins, potential applications include piston pumps, agricultural and construction equipment, lifts and cranes, automotive oil pumps and as small reciprocating bearings.

On-/off-highway drive radial
Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire now is offering U.S. fleets its M775 on-/off-highway drive radial, which the company says is a popular tire with logging and oil field service fleets in Canada. Suited for severe-service applications, the aggressive drive delivers good traction and removal mileage while usable at highway speeds to 65 mph, the company says. The specially designed aggressive block tread and open shoulder design helps digs into soft surfaces – such as mud and snow – for additional traction, while angled block sipes help enhance wet traction by breaking up pocketed water for improved grip on wet surfaces. The M775’s tread, which is more than one full inch deep, features compounds to help combat lug base cracking, a common problem with other ultra-deep drive radials.

To help enhance casing life, the M775 uses stone rejector platforms and computer-designed groove shapes to help prevent trapped stones from pushing into the tread grooves and piercing the belt layer, which can damage belts and expose them to rust. The tire also incorporates four steel belts and an all-steel casing so it can be retreaded for any axle position, according to BFNT. The M775 is available in three sizes: 11R22.5, 12R22.5 and 11R24.5 in “H” load ranges.
Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire

Fontaine’s flatbeds
Flatbed manufacturer Fontaine Trailer recently introduced two products: a triaxle Velocity dropdeck, and a lightweight Revolution Combo composite.

The triaxle Velocity dropdeck model features steel I-beam construction with steel crossmembers to provide superior strength and durability, the company says. Standard features include LED lights, a full-length winch track with 16 sliding winches, a bolt-on steel bumper designed to meet underride requirements for the United States and Canada, rubber dock bumpers, 130 yield stress steel beam material, stake pockets on 24-inch centers, and I-beam crossmembers on 12-inch centers.

The Revolution Combo composite trailer weighs only 9,000 pounds, yet features an 80,000-pound distributed frame capacity, according to Fontaine. The trailer features 23-inch steel main beams combined with an extruded aluminum floor for maximum strength and support at a lower overall weight, the company says. The trailer’s sleek, aerodynamic shape helps it cut through the air with an improved drag coefficient. The proprietary one-piece extruded aluminum siderail is engineered to withstand impact damage, and an integrated load securement system is designed to make loading and unloading faster and easier.
Fontaine Trailer

Regional tires
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. says it has bolstered its regional truck-tire product portfolio with two tires for different applications. The company says its Unisteel G149 RSA RH tire is designed for on-highway regional service, while its Unisteel G150 HSA is suited for school bus and city or neighborhood driving. The tread pattern for the G149 RSA RH is “tuned” for longer wear on urban streets and highway driving, while the G150 HSA uses special compounds for high-scrub applications used on school buses and in local pickup-and-delivery service. The G150 HSA also features sidewall protector ribs that help resist sidewall damage from the sharp turns and curbs encountered in neighborhood driving.

Both all-position tires, available in 11R22.5 sizes in G and H load ratings, feature circumferential grooves and lateral blades that help displace water for driving on rain-soaked roads. In addition, the tread footprint was modified for enhanced wear evenness and to help lower overall cost per mile. The Unisteel casing features four full belts to help stiffen and support the tread, further resisting irregular wear, while an enhanced belt compound helps improve tear resistance, which Goodyear says translates into longer casing life and more retreads for the life of the tire.
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.

New lamps
Grote says its Per-Lux LED WhiteLight Work Lamp is the brand’s first LED product; until now, Per-Lux lamps were offered only in incandescents. The durable light’s instant-on nature is more energy-efficient, with less than an amp of power usage, according to the company. The work lamp – which comes in spot, flood and trapezoid lens configurations – features replaceable component parts and a glass lens with chemical- and corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing. A side screw adjusts the lens tilt to optimize beam pattern evenness. The light pattern is brighter, more closely resembling natural sunlight, and provides more effective coverage through more pattern options, Grote says; the result is a lamp that provides safer, more optimal work environments, regardless of challenging on- or off-road conditions.

Grote also says its new round and oval LED stop, tail and turn lamps – with the company’s Male Pin or hard-shell terminations – are suited for fleets desiring a cost-efficient upgrade from incandescent lights to LEDs. Subtly different from both incandescent and LED lenses, the impact-resistant lenses have their own signature design, according to the company. The lamps, which feature Grote’s proprietary SuperNova LED technology, are designed to meet all FMVSS 108 and SAE requirements for visibility and safety, while delivering strength, reliability and durability.

Trailer junction box
Truck-Lite says it developed the Super 50 Junction Box for today’s trailers that operate in chemically harsh environments that are intensified by the increased aggressiveness of snow-fighting compounds. Trailers also now are made with increased electrical complexity, with more interior lighting, power liftgates, warning systems and added sensors; these conditions require greater capacity and more protection for electrical systems. To fight corrosion, the Super 50 Junction Box is made from chemically and electrically inert impact-resistant ABS plastic. A clear lid is designed to allow easy inspection of wiring inside the box, while the assembly is sealed from corrosive agents with a silicone gasket. The box, which has 16 terminal studs with four common grounds, is fed by up to 12 cables entering through any of 12 pretapped ports that accept either filler plugs or compression fittings. The capacity of the Super 50 Junction Box is for 50 percent more circuits than ordinary boxes provide, according to the company. Four mounting holes on the base (but outside the sealed interior) are eyelet-reinforced to facilitate increased durability and maintain the integrity of the box.