Con-way Freight recognized for safe driving in Oregon

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A trucker was wearing this T-shirt at a Petro in Joplin, Mo., but we’ve met lots of people who reside at this particular intersection.

The Pocahontas Parkway outside Richmond ( supposedly is haunted by a phantom Indian war party bearing torches, says the new book Weird Virginia (Sterling, $19.95). After the road opened in 2002, the authors report, so many travelers and tollbooth workers reported seeing the figures, and hearing late-night drumming and whooping, that droves of rowdy curiosity-seekers prompted the state DOT to erect “No Parking” signs.

Calling all truckers
In this recent installment of Chip Sansom’s comic strip “The Born Loser” (, title character Brutus Thornapple is nostalgic for 1977. He must be gratified that high diesel prices are back in style. Will a Smokey and the Bandit remake be next?

“Many truck drivers are working the maximum number of allowable hours just to help pay their growing fuel bills.