Volvo introduces online service for truck maintenance

Volvo Trucks North America introduced a process called MVAsist to provide customers with faster, more accurate service estimates and write-ups when their trucks need service. MVAsist is an internet application that simplifies the critical first step of the service process by providing the service writer with integrated fleet and manufacturer information. Customers benefit with greater uptime, improved cost management and a better overall service experience, the company says.

MVAsist is fully integrated into Volvo systems to give service writers at dealerships instant access to parts information, service bulletins and MVPreferred customer specific parts pricing. This information is based on the individual vehicle’s serial number and a customized fleet profile.

When a customer’s truck pulls into a participating Volvo dealership for service, the service writer discusses the truck’s issues with the driver and performs an initial evaluation. Using MVAsist, the service writer is able to access Volvo build information for that specific vehicle. This alerts the service writer to required maintenance operations and inspections for the truck (some of which can be part of the fleet’s customized MVAsist profile). The program then creates a comprehensive and accurate estimate, including related service operations, parts, labor, shop supplies, waste disposal fees and taxes. It also incorporates pricing for fleets that participate in Volvo’s MV Preferred parts program.

An important benefit of MVAsist is that fleets are assured of uniform service procedures and information, regardless of where the truck is serviced in the Volvo dealer network. In addition, the estimate and service information is available online for fleet managers to review and approve.

“This is something our customers have asked for – the knowledge that their service estimate will be written quickly, accurately and completely, and that the final invoice matches the estimate,” said Bill Dawson, Volvo senior vice president – customer satisfaction. “Using MVAsist, Volvo can take the comprehensive information we have about each truck and put it at the service writer’s fingertips in an extremely useful, integrated way.”

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MVAsist was developed for Volvo by Decisiv, Inc., Glen Allen, Virginia, and is available in two configurations for use by Volvo dealers: MVAsist/Fleet is designed for customer fleets and incorporates fleet-specific operations, inspections and contact information; MVAsist/Pro expands on MVAsist/Fleet capabilities to provide estimating capabilities for any truck. Volvo is in the process of rolling out MVAsist/Fleet to its dealer network. In addition, dealers may also sign up for MVAsist/Pro.