Hi-G-Tek to supply RFID solutions for tankers

Hi-G-Tek, a developer of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) sensing and control solutions for tracking high-value cargo and sensitive materials, announced a strategic partnership with Emco Wheaton, a manufacturer of products for the safe handling of hazardous fluids. This partnership is designed to supply a range of wireless RFID sealed delivery solutions for liquid petroleum and fuel-oil road tankers.

“We are delighted to be in a position to launch a unique range of industry-leading cost-effective solutions to our customers,” says Graeme Murphy, managing director of Emco Wheaton SBU. “Integrating proven technology from Hi-G-Tek with our standard product range and global distribution network brings tangible benefits to our clients and ensures our clients’ assets are monitored and secure at all times within the transportation network.”

Emco Wheaton has launched a wireless Sealed Cargo System (SCS) that utilizes Hi-G-Tek’s Pro-Active technology. The SCS provides a unique and accurate monitoring solution for individual compartment valves and manhole covers, resulting in real-time tracking from terminal to delivery point, the companies say. Key elements of the system, according to the companies, include immediate event alerts and monitoring of the tank truck apertures, global positioning system (GPS) tracking, fleet management and back-office interface, and simple installation on existing road tankers.

“We are excited about this strategic original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partnership,” says Larry Blue, president and chief executive officer of Hi-G-Tek. “This relationship represents a merger of two unique technologies that will ultimately deliver significant value to Emco Wheaton’s customer base. Hi-G-Tek’s knowledge of RFID sensing and control solutions for tracking high-value cargo and sensitive materials, coupled with Emco Wheaton’s extensive industry experience, provides a comprehensive method for the safe distribution of hazardous fluids.”