ALK: high fuel prices creating demand for GPS navigation

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ALK Technologies, a worldwide developer of GPS navigation and navigation-based services for businesses and consumers, announced a recent spike in CoPilot Live sales attributed to rising fuel prices.

With gas prices forecast to climb to beyond $4.00 per gallon and recessionary worries fueling consumer uncertainty, ALK has noticed a trend: more motorists are navigating new routes using GPS navigation systems to off-set fuel costs of both personal and business travel.

CoPilot Live includes many options to assist with planning business and vacation road trips. Routing options include a shortest mileage option, a shortest time option, and a toll road avoidance option. Routes can be previewed ahead of time to ensure that they go the way the driver wants to go.

Gas stations can be selected along the route to minimize stop time and for savings along the way, the company says. Hotels and attractions can be selected by searching within the radius of a location or by proximity to the route of travel, further minimizing the number of miles driven. Estimated drive times and estimated times of arrival allow drivers to plan their trips according to time of day to minimize time spent stuck in traffic and avoid rush hour congestion, ALK says.

Boyle’s Catering in Philadelphia, PA, is feeling the heat of rising fuel and food costs. “We strategically plan shopping and delivery routes with CoPilot Live to avoid excessive use of fuel. So far we’ve avoided adding a fuel surcharge,” said Pat Boyle. “But if gas prices reach $4.00 plus a gallon as predicted then we may not have a choice.”

ALK offers CoPilot Live at a special value of only $199 for a complete turn-by-turn voice-guided GPS navigation system for a Windows Mobile smartphone or Pocket PC. CoPilot Live GPS Navigation includes premium CoPilot Live GPS Navigation software, updated North American map data, an advanced Bluetooth GPS receiver, GPS power cord and car-mount kit. It also includes a web-based advanced trip planning utility, CoPilot Central; and users have the option to purchase additional navigation-based services like feeds for real-time traffic, real-time points of interest, celebrity voices, and map updates.

CoPilot Live includes over 6 million travel-related points of interest (POIs) from POI supplier infoUSA. CoPilot Live POI categories include gas stations, hotels, banks, parks, resorts, attractions and recreational facilities.