Government fleets eagerly adopt fleet maintenance software

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Arsenault Associates announced that it has seen a nearly 20 percent increase in business with government fleets over the last three years, and the trend is continuing.
Arsenault is a provider of Dossier fleet maintenance software and management solutions.

“We’ve seen increases in other fleet sectors as well, but nothing to match government fleets, which include vehicles operated by cities, counties, various authorities and schools,” said CEO Charles Arsenault.

“Higher fuel costs and the need to go ‘Green’ at the same time is driving government fleet managers to find ways to operate their fleets within tighter maintenance budgets while reducing carbon emissions. The only way to attain these two goals is through better fleet management – and fleet maintenance software is the obvious key to attaining this,” he said.

Another issue driving their acquisition of fleet software is safety. More and more local and county governments are becoming either self insured or joining group or regional insurance pools to reduce cost by spreading out liability and risk to attain cost reductions, Arsenault says.

“To participate in these plans requires them to be more accountable and to prove their ability to document good preventive maintenance practices and to provide repair histories upon request,” said Arsenault, a former mayor himself.

Arsenault Associates saw a 19.7 percent increase in business with government fleets between the years 2005 through 2007, and the trend has not slowed during the first three months of 2008.

Since January, at least 20 government entities in 12 states have licensed, contracted for or upgraded Dossier software. They include nine cities, four counties, two metropolitan transit systems, a 27,000 acre state park and one major state university.

The company also recorded increases in business with the trucking, construction and waste management industries, but the rise in government fleet activity outpaced all others.