4z Products touts pickup box light

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4z Products says its Automatic Cargo Light eliminates the main disadvantage of conventional pickup box lights that don’t automatically illuminate the interior of the truck box during loading and unloading of cargo. Furthermore, many traditional lights are mounted above the rear window of the cab, where their illumination shines in a person’s eyes, not on the surface of the truck bed, and where truck accessories such as tonneau covers can block the light.

The Automatic Cargo Light is easy to install, with no drilling or special tools needed, according to the company; an override switch is included for times when tailgates are open for extended periods of time. The light mounts under the bed rail near the stake hole post and is well protected, 4z Products says; it mounts using two-sided automotive grade foam tape.

The wires and switch pass through the holes behind the tailgate and under the vehicle, and the switch is mounted on the side of the tailgate next to the hinge with an industrial-strength hook and a loop fastener. The tailgate still can be removed, and an extra hook and loop fastener is provided where the switch can be placed if the tailgate is removed. Connectors are included for hooking up the constant power and ground wires.

For more information, go to www.4zproducts.com.