Securement device helps stabilize stacked cargo

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2Secure says its Marvee Direct X-Tie System is a cargo securement device that helps increase the stability of stacked cargo in order to minimize loads from shifting and help prevent accidents caused when unstable cargo falls onto roadways. The direct-restraint device is designed to work with current load procedures and in conjunction with existing straps and winches to enhance forward, rearward and upward stability, offering up to twice the lateral stability over using straps alone.

The Marvee System applies the principles of cross-tying used on heavy equipment and works in pairs, according to the company; the system is made of a lightweight composite material that offers superior strength with a working load limit of 5,600 pounds, which exceeds CCMTA/FMCSA regulations for increased lateral stability and aids in meeting the current National Safety Code for increased cargo stability.

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