Tracer publishes leak detection brochure for heavy-duty vehicles

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Tracer Products has published a four-page full-color brochure on Tracerline leak detection products and diagnostic tools for heavy-duty vehicles. They make it easy to find all refrigerant, air brake, tire, coolant, hydraulic fluid, wind, water and other leaks fast and efficiently, according to the Westbury, N.Y.-based company.

Tracer says the brochure describes complete heavy-duty kits containing super-bright fluorescent dyes that pinpoint all A/C, oil, fuel, ATF, power steering and hydraulic leaks. The brochure also contains information about high-intensity ultraviolet and blue-light LED leak detection lamps, including the company’s Optimax 365 – a cordless, rechargeable, pure UV LED flashlight designed to make even dirty diesel engine oil leaks glow brightly.

Also highlighted are specialized tools such as the Marksman ultrasonic diagnostic tool and the Pro-Alert electronic refrigerant leak detector. The Marksman is designed to convert and amplify inaudible ultrasonic sound into audible “natural” sound for accurate diagnosis of pressurized leaks and defects. The Pro-Alert features high-performance heated-diode sensor technology designed to accurately detect leaks down to 0.03 oz/yr. Also described are the Cobra Series multipurpose borescopes, which feature long, thin shafts designed to enable technicians to inspect and leak-check hard-to-see components without disassembly.

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