Find leaks in unmounted tires quickly

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Tires Service Equipment Manufacturing Co. says its TI-96 Tire Inspector is a heavy-duty tire testing machine designed to find leaks in truck tires that are not mounted on a wheel. The demountable hub system is an integral part designed to allow the tires to quickly be mounted and inflated with air.

Expandable hubs are available to accommodate tires sizes from 15 to 24.5 inches. A Power Lift assembly is designed to raise the tire off the floor and lower the tire into the test tank, while the lift arm pivots on a large vertical support frame. An integrated control panel is designed to simplify operation of the expandable hub, while a foot valve operates the lifting arm that raises and lowers the tires.

A rugged, heavy tubular frame helps support the tire and lift arm, and a water extractor helps make removing water from the pneumatic system easy. The view glass facilitates visual detection of water in the system, while a drain valve helps purge any moisture. The large water test tank, manufactured of heavy-gauge steel, is designed to accommodate large wide truck tires and features a drain to empty the water when required.

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