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Fontaine Trailer says its Revolution Hybrid composite flatbed trailer weighs only 9,000 pounds, yet features an 80,000-pound distributed frame capacity. The Revolution Hybrid features 23-inch steel main beams combined with an extruded aluminum floor for maximum strength and support at a lower overall weight, according to the company. The trailer’s sleek, aerodynamic shape is designed to cut through the air with a premium drag coefficient, while friction-stir welding adds to the strength of the floor while reducing weight, Fontaine says. The one-piece extruded aluminum siderail is engineered to withstand impact damage, while an integrated load securement system helps makes loading and unloading faster, better and much easier.
Fontaine Trailer

Synthetic 5W-40
Shell Lubricants says its Shell Rotella T Synthetic 5W-40 heavy-duty motor oil is formulated to offer improvements in wear protection, soot control, deposit control, heat resistance and protection in extreme climates. The motor oil is compatible with diesel particulate filters, Shell says; the low-ash formulation helps control the rate of DPF blockage and potentially extends DPF maintenance intervals compared to previous generation oils. The motor oil also is suitable for heavy-duty diesel engines built prior to 2007, according to the company. Shell says Rotella T Synthetic 5W-40 meets or exceeds the API CJ-4 requirements for Cummins CES 20081; Caterpillar ECF-3 and ECF-2; Detroit Diesel 93K218; Mack EO-O Premium Plus; Mercedes-Benz Approval 228.31; and Volvo VDS-4. The product also is suitable for off-highway applications where 500 ppm diesel fuel is used, according to the company, and the high-TBN formulation provides added protection for extended oil drain intervals.

Shell says the product – available in bulk, drum, gallon and quart sizes – also can help improve fuel efficiency up to one percent compared to conventional 15W-40 motor oil through decreased friction and by reducing the energy used to pump the motor oil through the engine.
Shell Lubricants

Fan drives
Horton Inc. says it designed its DM Advantage fan drives to meet current and future industry demands for reliable engine cooling, fuel savings and noise reduction. Offered in on/off and two-speed technologies, DM Advantage fan drives are engineered for the highest-heat underhood applications. The fan drives are comprised of premium bearings, a superior air cartridge and a long-wearing friction liner, yielding better engine performance and longer operating life, according to the company.

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The spring-engaged on/off fan drive is designed to keep engine coolant at a more consistent operating temperature and for increased reliability in high-horsepower applications, Horton says; it features high torque for turning larger fans, a lighter weight and low parts count for simplicity.

The two-speed fan drive alternates between eddy current and spring-actuated cooling to facilitate precise, highly efficient temperature control and faster engine warmups in cold weather; it is suited for vehicles with little or no ram air. While using eddy current, it turns the fan at a lower speed, which reduces operating noise, increases available horsepower for auxiliary systems and minimizes radiator abrasion from dust and debris, according to the company; when additional cooling is needed, it spring-actuates and runs the fan at full input speed.
Horton Inc.

Scales for refuse vehicles
Air-Weigh has designed scales for refuse vehicles built with air or walking beam drive suspensions. The digital onboard scales, available in Air-Weigh’s LoadMaxx and QuickLoad product lines, feature an in-dash display that shows GVW, net payload, steer axle and drive axle weights. The scales can be installed on any refuse truck with an air drive suspension or Hendrickson Haulmaax or HN462 drive suspension, according to Air-Weigh; the new scales incorporate the company’s deflection sensor technology designed to allow the accurate weight measurement on steer and drive axles with mechanical suspensions. Air-Weigh says its scales offer programmable alarms to indicate warning and overweight conditions, multiple digital data interfaces capable of transmitting weight information to onboard computers, and PIN-protected dual-point calibration; they also are easy to install, calibrate and maintain.

Kelly’s new P & D tire
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. has designed a Kelly Armorsteel KRH regional tire for pickup-and-delivery and school bus applications. The rib tire, developed for uniform and long-lasting wear in regional use, is available in 11R22.5 and 11R24.5 sizes in an H load rating; a 295.75R22.5 size also is available. The company says the tread pattern provides superb traction on wet and dry roads, as circumferential grooves and lateral blading help displace water. The tire, designed with an enhanced belt package for multiple retreads, also has special tread compounding that helps it resist tread scrubbing and curbing in tight turns, according to the company.
Kelly Tires

Cool product line
Today’s heavy-duty diesel engines are reducing emissions, which is heating things up under the hood; it’s only going to get hotter as newer models begin to meet the higher 2010 Environmental Protection Agency regulations. Gates says it’s thinking ahead of the curve with its Green Stripe fleet and heavy-duty products. Each product in the line – which includes tensioners, belts and hoses – was designed to meet or exceed the demands of newer vehicles, according to the company.
Gates Corp.

Diesel lift truck
Cat Lift Trucks says its P17500-P36000 series diesel pneumatic tire lift truck – with six different capacities ranging from 17,500 to 36,000 pounds – features a turbocharged engine, hydraulic fingertip control system and ergonomic styling. The turbocharged diesel engine equipped with a common-rail fuel delivery system is designed for equal high-pressure fuel delivery to all six cylinders, allowing for swifter acceleration, lower noise and reliable performance, the company says; the P36000 also features standard oil-cooled wet disc brakes. The easy-to-use hydraulic fingertip control helps enhance productivity and reduce operator fatigue by providing increased maneuverability with minimal hand movements, according to Cat Lift Trucks; the series also features a viscously mounted operator compartment that helps reduce noise and vibration levels, while adding to operator comfort. The pneumatic tire lift trucks come with service intervals of up to 500 hours, the company says; the truck’s display panel also allows preprogrammable maintenance intervals designed to notify the operator of impending service and provide quick-fault history-folder access to the technician.
Cat Lift Trucks

Heavy-duty ratcheting crimper
Phillips Industries says its heavy-duty ratcheting crimper tool accommodates 8-gauge through 22-gauge wire and has a positive lock-mating mechanism designed to ensure consistent uniform crimp termination. The easy-access terminal release switch releases if terminal or wire is inserted improperly, according to the company, and a longer handle helps provides better leverage.
Phillips Industries

Tough LED dome light
Truck-Lite says its latest flush-mount six-diode LED dome light, part number 80162C, is rugged enough for a variety of heavy-truck cab and bus applications. The light features black powder-coated steel housing, six half-watt diodes, epoxy-encapsulated circuitry and a hard-wired connector.

Heavy-duty shop press
Gray Manufacturing Co. says its Model SP-75 75-ton capacity heavy-duty shop press utilizes an air/hydraulic power system with 75 tons of force to assemble and remove components. In addition, the unit has been designed to provide precise control by eliminating ram over-travel, and to provide speed by accelerating the ram to the load. The shop press also uses a winch/cable system designed to easily raise and lower the adjustable six-position bolster. With a 131⁄8-inch stroke, 50-inch-wide throat and side-to-side adjustable ram, the shop press will accommodate a variety of components, according to Gray. Each shop press includes an accessory kit that consists of 153/4-inch V-blocks and 2-inch diameter push adapters; an optional guard also is available.
Gray Manufacturing

Battery life extender
Designed to ensure maximum battery performance on 12-, 24-, 36- and 48-volt systems using 6-, 12- and 24-volt lead-acid batteries, PowerPulse is suited for virtually any kind of vehicle or equipment that is charged on a regular basis, according to PulseTech Products Corp. Not a charger, but a performance device, PowerPulse is designed to help batteries charge faster and provide maximum performance and power. PowerPulse – which can be used on over-the-road trucks, delivery trucks, cars, boats, emergency vehicles, generators, golf cars, electric forklifts, pallet jacks and more – comes with lugs that connect directly to the battery terminals. By employing the company’s proprietary Pulse Technology, PowerPulse is designed to maintain and enhance battery performance by safely preventing the main cause of battery problems and failure: sulfation buildup within lead acid batteries. Pulse Technology, which the company says improves a battery’s ability to accept and store energy, can increase battery lifespan by three to five times longer, according to PulseTech Products.

PowerPulse works within the charging system in two ways: When the battery is being charged – either by an onboard charger or a separate charging system – it will use the charging current as a power source; the rest of the time, it uses a small portion of the battery’s energy to do its job, so it is working 24 hours a day. The unit features an LED light indicating the circuit is energized and the unit is working.
PulseTech Products Corp.

On-, off-highway drive axle
Tuthill Drive Systems says its Ez Trac steerable, hydraulic drive axle is designed for trucks that require both on- and off-highway capabilities, and can be retrofitted as well as installed on new equipment. Its installation does not alter the truck’s ride height, maintaining the existing steering angles and suspension, according to the company; installation takes about one-third of the time required for mechanical axles to be installed. EZ Trac’s weight advantage allows trucks to carry heavier payloads, Tuthill says, and it offers superior handling by controlling the amount of power that is brought to the front wheels, compared to mechanical axles that control power to the whole truck. Also, unlike mechanical systems that require stopping the vehicle before engaging or disengaging, EZ Trac can be engaged and disengaged “on the go” with the use of a cab-mounted switch, according to the company. EZ Trac is designed for Class 6, 7 and 8 heavy-duty vehicles in on- and off-highway applications such as utility, construction, mining, logging, excavating and agriculture, as well as traditional fleet vehicles. The axle also is suited for vehicles that face challenging weather and road conditions or steep terrain.
Tuthill Drive Systems

Chip-collector magnets
Electrodyne says its high-strength Plastalloy magnets can extend the service life of drivetrains, hydraulic lines and metalworking equipment by capturing metal filings, chips and other ferrous materials that otherwise would damage downstream components. Available in various configurations, the magnets work in temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius, according to the company; they are oil-resistant and suitable for the extremes of automotive applications, as well as for off-road vehicles, hydraulic lines, metalworking applications and fluid recirculation systems. Plastalloy is designed to be magnetized using various methods, including conventional, two poles each side, multiple poles or with custom magnetization patterns. Lead-free Plastalloy is ROHS- and EN71-compliant, making it suitable for environmentally sensitive applications, Electrodyne says; special pressure-sensitive adhesives are available to hold the magnets in place. According to the company, unbreakable Plastalloy can be bent, twisted and flexed without the loss of magnetic energy. It is available in magnet sheets, strips or die-cut shapes, with options including pressure-sensitive adhesive, polarity identification, customized formulations and special cutting techniques.

Dump Body
DuraClass says its Bedrock dump body, available in lengths from 13 to 21 feet, features a contemporary design and high-strength materials for dent resistance and durability. The elliptical radius is designed to provide a smooth dumping action. Hardox 450 Steel is used throughout the floor, sides and rear to offer additional durability while maintaining a low weight to maximize payload, while the I-beam understructure facilitates maximum floor support. A heated understructure is available for cold-weather applications. Optional aluminum fenders help lower weight to further increase payload.

Mobile crimp tool kit
Waytek says its Mobile Crimp Tool Kit includes a crimp tool frame, seven snap-in die sets and a carrying case. The crimp tool frame is designed to simplify the exchange of snap-in dies and prevent the inconvenience of having to buy multiple tools. The snap-in dies are made to work on a variety of applications, including insulated, noninsulated and heat shrink, as well as Weather Pack terminals and splices. All dies come with an interlocking holder and are pinned together so that pieces do not get lost.

Snap ring pliers
Channellock says its hefty 10-inch 929 snap ring plier is able to handle both internal and external retaining rings up to 4 inches in diameter – suitable for larger jobs in automotive repair shops, for farming applications or on construction sites. The 929 also includes three sizes of color-coded interchangeable alloy steel tip sets made to switch out easily with an included hex key. The 929 completes the company’s three-piece RT-3 snap ring pliers set, which also includes the 6/-inch 926 and 8-inch 927 snap ring pliers that take on retaining rings up to 1 inch and 2 inches in diameter, respectively; all come with Channellock’s proprietary Blue comfort grips.

TPMS service set
Ken-Tool says its Universal Master TPMS Sensor Hardware and Tool Service Set for tire pressure monitoring system sensors is an all-inclusive kit that includes hardware and application-specific tools for servicing valve-stem TPMS sensors. The service set is a 152-piece assortment of 15 hardware kits that will handle 90 percent of all U.S. TPMS-equipped vehicles, according to the company; all of the necessary application-specific hardware – including the valve core and cap, grommet nut, gaskets, washers and valve stems – is provided. The kit also includes replacement rubber “snap-in” valve stem kits with new sensor mounting screws that are now standard equipment on many late-model GM vehicles.

In addition to the hardware kits, the set also includes all of the specialized hand tools needed to service and replace the hardware on TPMS sensors, Ken-Tool says. Provided in the set is a precision valve stem torque wrench, and two deep-well sockets for the ferrule nuts. Also included is a torque tool for the rubber snap-in valve screws, and a valve core torque driver used to seat the valves. The set also features Ken-Tool’s proprietary TPMS Sentry sensor service tool designed to ensure the sensor is held securely during the tire-changing process. Packed in a poly storage case, the set also includes 50 extra valve cores, 50 extra valve caps and a detailed laminated application/torque guide.

Backup camera for fleet vehicles
Rostra Precision Controls says it has designed a RearSight backup camera system specifically for use in fleet vehicles. The kit (No. 250-8040) features a five-inch TFT-LCD monitor built to mount directly in the vehicle’s headliner to display with a large wide-angle view for drivers. A heavy-duty waterproof color image camera, which provides a 150-degree wide-angle view behind the vehicle, features auto infrared for night vision, as well as a heavy-duty bracket with a five-foot harness designed to allow users to adjust the camera’s angle more easily. Rostra recommends professional installation.
Rostra Precision Controls

Cold plate refrigeration system
Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies and International Truck and Engine Corp. have jointly launched RouteMax, a self-powered extended-route cold plate refrigeration system designed to keep cold plates working longer on food and beverage deliveries. A traditional cold plate refrigeration system requires overnight plug-in to refreeze the salt brine, but with RouteMax, the plates can be recharged en route by a condensing unit that quickly restores the body’s internal temperature and removes heat from the cold plates, the company says. The power to charge the condensing unit comes from International’s Diamond Logic PowerPack 3, which the truck maker describes as the industry’s first OEM factory-installed 3,000-watt AC power solution. PowerPack 3, designed to offer fully integrated on-demand power, is available on International DuraStar and WorkStar truck models.

The RouteMax system, which reduces CO2 emissions, has a 15-year lifespan and is virtually maintenance-free, according to the companies; while traditional cold plate systems hold the body’s temperature during daily delivery runs of 10 to 12 hours, the RouteMax solution is designed for runs of 16 to 20 hours.
Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies

Step extender for pickups
Breezeway Screens says First Step Up! is a high-strength lightweight step extender that fits a 2-inch hitch receiver, giving users a safe boost up into the back of a pickup truck without stretching and straining. The step extender is made of corrosion-proof glass-reinforced nylon to facilitate additional strength and durability, while nonskid pads help eliminate the danger of slipping. The stem of the step is long enough to extend beyond the edge of a lowered tailgate, or it can be cut to work on SUVs, according to the company. Spring-loaded locks are designed to hold the step in position.
Breezeway Screens

Nylon slotted loom
Del City says its line of nylon slotted loom is perforated with small holes along the entire length to drain any excess moisture from cable assemblies. The slotted loom – available in 1/2-, 3/4- and 1-inch ID and a variety of lengths ranging from 50 to 8,500 feet – is manufactured from nylon material for added high heat resistance, with an operational temperature range of -40 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. According to the company, the high ridge design helps facilitate greater flexibility and slit separation avoidance.
Del City