Transplace launches consulting practice

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Transplace, a provider of transportation management services and logistics technology, announced the official launch of Transplace Consulting.

The new service delivers comprehensive logistics engineering analysis, design and consulting to customers in manufacturing, distribution and retailing. Transplace Consulting focuses on the identification of supply chain improvements to uncover areas where customers can reduce total transportation and inventory holding costs. Benchmarking information and sophisticated analysis tools allow Transplace Consulting to provide customers with the technical expertise and direction to maximize efficiency without sacrificing service or performance, the company says.

Transplace Consulting performs many functions within Transplace and provides consulting services that include:

  • Operations Support – Transplace Consulting helps solidify customer goals and strengthens relationships to provide additional value to customers in support of network redesign, procurement and complex analysis of supply chain trade-offs.
  • Industry Knowledge – Transplace Consulting distills industry best practices and develops insight on the marketplace based on intelligence gleaned from comprehensive analysis of data to provide a current pulse to customers.
  • Scenario Pro Technology (SPT) Consulting and Onboarding – Transplace Consulting leverages the full suite of SPT optimization in execution, updating production code, measuring benefits and ensuring that Transplace delivers maximum value.
  • Sales/Business Development – Engaged through new opportunities, Transplace Consulting performs quantitative analyses for prospects and customers identifying new insights for companies looking for comprehensive solutions.
  • Matthew Harding joined Transplace last August and was tasked with leading the consulting team and growing this area of the company. “Our team is highly capable, with extensive knowledge and proven industry expertise. Transplace has great opportunities ahead, and will continue to hire qualified individuals building upon a strong core team,” says Harding, vice president of consulting.

    Managing $2.75 billion in freight, Transplace has an accurate and current database of information on present lane costs and capacity available in the market. Transplace Consulting combines accurate information with analytical skills sets and sophisticated software to uncover an understanding of specific supply chain challenges and to jointly explore opportunities with customers for improvement in accuracy, timeliness, reliability and efficiency.

    Added Transplace CEO Tom Sanderson: “Transplace Consulting is extremely detail driven and can quickly analyze complex changes in our customers’ supply chain networks. Mr. Harding’s team is constantly at work to ensure that what we have configured meets the current and future needs of our customers. As business models change and evolve, we will continue to provide our customers new insights and uncover valuable cost savings.”