from Mitchell 1 now includes color air brake diagrams

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Mitchell 1 — a Poway, Calif.-based Snap-on company — has added color air brake diagrams to its June update of, its comprehensive Web-based truck repair manual system. The pneumatic diagrams will include the same widely-used features as the electrical wiring diagrams. In addition, the line colors were designed to conform to TMC’s Recommended Practice RP 423.

Crisp and readable at any zoom level, each diagram mirrors the colors of the pneumatic brake lines on the truck, and using Mitchell 1’s proprietary CircuitSelect feature, a technician can highlight the brake line he’s working on so he can focus his attention where it’s needed to quickly and accurately diagnose the problem and make the required repair.

For consistency, each air brake diagram is oriented the same, regardless of manufacturer, with the front brake chambers appearing at the top and the rear brake chambers at the bottom. From make to make, the components — such as the compressor, service brake chambers, spring brakes, relays and valves — are easily identifiable with consistent icons.

Another feature to assist technicians in finding the problem is the searchable text included in the diagrams; this allows him to key in nomenclature that will take him directly to the probable location on the diagram.